How and when to use vitamin E oil for your scalp?

How to use vitamin E oil for your scalp? This is what you are going to learn about in this post.

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One of the best oils you can use for your scalp is olive, tea tree, and rosemary oil, of course there are other ones which are also very useful and healthy, but these are the very best oils you can use, it’s because they all contained various elements that are healthy and nutritious for your skin and scalp cells, and one of the best and also one of the most essential is vitamin E.

Today, I’m going to show you why you should start using vitamin E for your scalp, how to use it and most importantly how much you really need.

The first thing I would like to talk to you about is why you should start using vitamin E oil for your scalp.

Simply because it’s going to nourish, protect, and stimulate hair growth in your scalp.

Vitamin E is a very powerful antioxidant, it’s going to fight, and destroy funguses and bacteria that are going to cause infections, inflammations and even itchiness in your scalp.

It’s also a very good hair growth stimulant, otherwise, you wouldn’t find it in most hair growth products, it’s very easy to use and it has great beneficial effects, it will make your hair grow rapidly.

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Vitamin E oil is also a great hair relaxer, if you are suffering from frizzy and difficult hair; it’s going to help you with its shape and texture.

Now, let’s talk about how to use it on your scalp.

As you may have guessed, vitamin E oil is very powerful and potent when it comes to your scalp and skin cells, that’s why I do not recommend using it directly on it, it’s going to cause burns and bruises almost immediately if you use too much!

Yes, vitamin E oil is dangerous for your scalp, however if you know how to use it, it’s going to help you tremendously and it’s going to provide you with amazing benefits.

So, how to use vitamin E oil on your scalp?

You need to mix it with coconut cream.

This is by far the most delicious, yes, it smells great, and healthiest way to use vitamin E oil on your scalp.

For every tablespoon of coconut cream, add two drops of vitamin E oil, then leave in your fridge for at least overnight in order for the amazing ingredients to mix and combine.

Now, every day, massage your scalp using this cream, then wait twenty five minutes, then rinse using your favorite shampoo and you are going to have tremendous results very quickly.

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If you don’t want to use a coconut cream vitamin E oil for your scalp, then simply mix one tablespoon of olive oil with two drops of vitamin E oil, then apply half of it in the morning and the other half in the evening, this is going to lower the itchiness, inflammations and is also going to increase hair growth tremendously.


  1. What vitamin oil for hair do you recommend, The oil bottle above is hard to see the words on there and can I use coconut oil instead of cream but ill have to wash the coconut oil out…Thank you, very much

  2. How important is the IU level in the oil? I have just bought a 10,000 IU and not sure if it good or bad.
    Thanks in advance

    • That’s way too much, just don’t use a lot, if you are afraid, mix one drop with one teaspoon of olive oil or even better, one tablespoon.

  3. I am losing tremendous amounts of hair. It’s depressing, I just had a baby so I know my hormones are outta wack, but I REALLY don’t like that I’m losing hanfulls every time I shower, comb out my hair, or even just run my hand thru my hair, I have vitamin E oil and I’ve tried the biotin, buts just keeps falling out, any idea how often I can use the vitamin E oil? And does it really work? I’m 23 with a 60yr old hair line. (Not that dramatic but it is pretty bad. HELP!

    • first, avoid all medication and treatments unless you consult first with your doctor, especially if you are breastfeeding, second, give your body time to fix things. After giving birth, my wife lost a great amount of hair, she was crying all the time about it, but after one year, with a good diet and lots of happy moments with the baby, she recovered most of it, of course, with time, we tend to lose more than what we recover, but this is our nature.

  4. margaret says:

    Can I use vitamin e capsule 400 iu and can I use coconut oil?

  5. I just got vitamin e oil just wanted to ask since my scalp get a tad bit oily can I use it as a pre wash mask along with olive oil? also the oil I got is 50.000 iu so how much should I use?

    • Ohhh, that’s too much, don’t use it directly on your scalp, one drop with one teaspoon olive oil, don’t ever exceed this amount! And yes, it can help oily hair and scalp.

  6. What about a rose hip seed oil and vitamin E combo instead of coconut cream or olive oil.?

  7. Ssoutherngurll says:

    Should you apply to freshly clean scalp or “dirty scalp”?

  8. Barbara Desha says:

    I am confused… you leave the bit. E mixture I n all day??!! Doesn’t it make you’re hair look greasy?

  9. Can this oil be stored ???? I cant prepare this oil everytime so can i prepare it at once and store it for a longer run ???

  10. Can i leave it for a day and then wash or should i wash it on the dame day

  11. Hi can I mix 2 vitamin E capsules with herbal oil pls tell me m scared or should I use it only wit coconut or castor oil

    • Don’t use Vit e oil from capsules, only from drops! Always with coconut oil.

      • Pov Kimpochny says:

        You mean however I need to mix vitamin E with coconut oil or cream or organ oil I cannot use it alone and rinse it off after 25 minutes right?

        • Exactly.

          • I hope you can help.
            I saw this page months ago.
            I didn’t follow advice as i’ve burst vitamin e capsules on hair before with no problems but it was low iu of 100.
            So i bought 400iu mixed trops and i burst the caps and mixed with coconut oil message into the front of my baby hair..never washed it out just washed hair every week. The baby hair fell out. The last 6 weeks been trying to grow back the hair loss. Straight away i stopped using the vitmain e caps..i am worried the front of my hair won’t grow back cause i used such a strong iu and for about a month of bursting cals i never did the leave for 25 mins and wash out.
            I just hope 1 month of damaged can be saved????

  12. What IU do u recommend 400? Also can u give specific instruction if I use 400IU
    2 drops in how much coconut cream??

  13. Misty Lewis says:

    After using some strong antibiotics threw an IV Pik line, my scalp is now VERY DRY. I’ve tried several things to help and I haven’t found anything yet. Can you please help me?

    • Don’t worry, it takes time before your scalp recovers, try using some few drops argan oil daily, it helps a lot.

  14. Mrs fatima. says:

    Hi ! I m suffering from severe hairfall…my hair was so thick n black without any maintenance n 3 years back I suffered from typhoid n from that time my hair started falling extremely n getting grey since 1 year…I use minoxidil glutathione tablets everything. Now i got vit E capsule for scalp today..Can u suggest me some tips

  15. can I use 1 vit .E capsule in combination with coconut oil or Castor oil???

  16. Can I use Vitamin E Capsule and mix it with cocnut oil .. let it stay over night and wash it the next day morning?

  17. I use sheer butter, dry marijuana, honey & coconut cream mixture for my natural hair. It’s growing very beautifully & strong. But d scalp keeps itching. What am I doing wrong?

  18. How harmful Is it to leave vitamin e oil in your hair for days in between washings

  19. Does using 2 capsules of 400 iu in coconut oil overnight harms hair??

  20. Saheli Das says:

    Hi Chris

    My daughter is 11 years. She has got reasonable amount of neck length hair. I want to improve her hair growth. So i would like to use Vitamin E oil wih coconut oil on her scalp. I want to leave it over night and wash next next day morning. Kindly suggest what ratio of coconut oil : vitamin e oil would be best for her. How many times per week will be beneficial for her?

    • Twice a week, this seems more than enough, also, don’t use more than one drop vitamin e oil with one teaspoon coconut oil.

  21. Nimco Abdullahi says:

    Hi, can I mix one vitamin E capsule to my mix oil ( almond oil, tea tree, peppermint and rosemary) and use it every night directly to my hair and scalp without washing as I only wash once a week?

  22. I got 1000 iu vit e … so what is the amount of castor oil that should be added to one capsule leaving it for an hour n then rinse please. Why don’t you recommend vit e capsules to be applied directly on scalp with other oil please.

  23. I want to mix vitamin E from capsules in my regular oil.I want to put 10 to 15 capsules at once in all of my oil so that i can use this oil for 4 to 5 months.My oil consists of olive oil,castor oil almond oil & mustard oil.I have mixed all of them then put onions,garlic & ginger.I put this all mixture on heat for 5 minutes so that all the juices get absorbed into the oil.So far the results are excellent.Now i want to add vitamin e capsules in my hair oil once.I make this oil for once & then use it for 3 to 4 months .Is it safe?i mean it wouldnt smell? or some bad reaction with these oils for such a log period?Kindly i need your support

  24. Obodoagwu Esther says:

    can I use mix,egg,cod liver oil,vitamin e,and castor oil

  25. my scalp always get itchy and dry scalp in winter. should i used vitamin E 400iu and take 2 capsules leave it overnight? how many times in a week?

    • No, just apply one teaspoon olive oil with a quarter teaspoon tea tree, everyday for one week, leave it on for twenty five minutes.

  26. Hi. Can I use vit e oil with mix of neem and jojoba oil. I have dandruff problem and extreme hair loss problem .

  27. Can i mix 1 vit e capsule 400 iu with olive oil and keep it for overnight and wash it in the morning? What quantity to be used please suggest

  28. Sumita Behera says:

    Can I mix vitamin e capsule Vd coconut oil and Cn I keep it overnight n Cn I use it fr skin n if I can den hw i ll apply in my face

  29. Jose Grande says:

    Oh noooo! I shaved my head bald and I put the oil on my head without mixing it with cocanut!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Am I going to die?

  30. can i mix 1 vit e capsule along olive oil to treat my dandruff

  31. Wat amnt should I take of vitamin e capsule.?….actually I have capsule of 200mg….is it good?

  32. deborah hawthorne says:

    can I use vitamin oil e alone until my next hair appointment which is every two weeks

  33. Mohammad Zeeshan alam says:

    I am using vitamin e capsule mixing it in with almond oil + Amla oil (indian gooseberry oil) . Somebody recommended it to to me . Is it helpful for me . Do tell me . I am having problem of hair fall in excess rate. That why I am trying .So please recommend and suggest best possible method to overcome hairafll and baldness

  34. I am a 24 years old guy. I am loosing my hair from the front hairline a lot.I very rarely applied oil on my scalp in my life. Recently I started applying raw onion juice on the scalp and also applies castor oil sometimes. After research and all i found out that biotin vitamin B7 promotes hair growth and also other hair products like sugarbearhair vitamins and Naturebounty hair vitamins and also Vitamins E capsules. But due to medical issues i am afraid to take those vitamins so instead i found Vitamin E oil for skin and thought of applying it on my scalp. I also know rogaine minoxidil 5% grows hair but may have many side effects like migraines and all. Could you please help me to choose a natural hairfall remedy so that I can stick to it for few months or a year for a better result ( because i know any natural treatment takes time and it all depends on patience )
    Thanks in advance
    Looking forward to your reply

    • Peppermint oil would be a great solution for you, I encourage you to give it a try, I talk about it in this website a lot.

      • I read your peppermint oil recipe and i wanted to comment there but unfortunately i cant comment there thats why i am asking my question in this section.
        Can i mix one teaspoon Vitamin E and four tablespoons coconut oil without heating and also rest of the oil ? Actually I didn’t understand the heating part :/
        And after mixing i should wait for 20-30 mins and then use mild shampoo everytime i use the recipe ?
        And should i use the recipe daily and if so then for how long ?
        Thanks and sorry for the trouble:)

  35. Hi, I bought some 100 IU capsules. How much vitamin e and olive oil should I mix together? Can I use extra virgin olive oil? Can I apply just a few drops to the thinning areas of my hair/scalp? I’m not one to rinse or wash my hair everyday, so can I just rub a few drops into my entire scalp and/or the ends of my hair? Thanx for this info and your response.

  36. Bhawna Sharma says:

    Hey, can I mix 400 mg vitamin e capsule with coconut oil and I wash my tresses once a week. so will it be fine it I don’t wash my tresses for a week or I have to wash after applying vitamin e capsules

  37. Chandricka says:

    Hi Chris, Can I use 2 tablets of 400 IU vitamin-e in about 5-6 teaspoons of coconut oil? I feel one tsp of oil is quite less for the entire scalp. I intend to keep it overnight.

  38. Chandricka says:

    Also Chris, I don’t have drops available where I live, do tablets work equally well when I drain all the oil in cocnut oil?

  39. Prateek Priyankar says:

    Can i use vitamin e 400 iu capsule mixed with mustard oil and leave it overnight?

  40. Good afternoon!
    I am 44 years old loosing my hair so quickly even rubbing with this oils or putting conditioner will make it fall. Do you suggest me using every day for 25 minutes (for how many days? Please) 400 iu softgels vitamin E and one teaspoon of olive oil? This will help with my hair loss?

    Also I have a 13 year old son who started puberty so early…he now is 1.82 mts and his hair is very greasy every day and he showers every day but besides that now he has dandruff what can you suggest for him? Thanks so much!

    • Yes, you should do so, 400iu seems fine. 20 days, if possible, if not, then just fifteen to see if it’s working, if not, up vitamin E.
      For your son, I’d advice him to stop consuming dairy! Soft drinks should be avoided as well.

  41. Hey chris..

    I’m having like “around moderate” hair loss problem each time i shampoo it..
    I have the evion 600 vit e capsules.. ie.. 600 mg USP.. kindly suggest me how much of it to be taken with how much proportion of coconut oil if i want to leave it fr atleast an hour on my scalp twice a week before washing my hair..
    And also once i applied the oil directly on my skin bt seemed to have no side effects.. so shall i continue the same way or mix wid any night creme or soo..
    Also can i apply it directly on my split ends.. ?? Because i haVe a lot of them n probably they’re the main reason of my hair breakage ..

    • 600 iu Vit E seems fine, just use it as indicated above, don’t forget to mix it with olive oil, as shown.

  42. Good morning!
    Besides using in my hair the vitamin E in 400 iu + olive oil. Can I take in the morning that same amount + biotin 5000 Mcg? And if so for how long can I take both softgels?

    Thanks again

  43. Good evening Chris!
    How do you measure 400 iu from a bottle of vit E oil?

    • Well, it depends on the brand you’re using, for example, one I used to use had a dropper which gave 200iu for every drop. Personally, I’d prefer hat you take one 400iu capsules and use it instead of trying to hit this measure on your own.

  44. Good morning Chris! I decided to get the vit E oil from jamieson Walmart comes with a wand but does not says amounts in iu . Which amount should I apply? Thanks again?

    • Can you take a picture of the label? It would help me a lot.

      • Sorry don’t know how to do it besides sending it to your email

        • Try to upload your picture on , then share the link.

          • Dear Chris! I finally sent u the picture. Because I am loosing my hair and some parts of my scalp are itchy and red. Should I add peppermint oil or castor oil? To the mix of olive oil and vitamin E? And what amount in drops. Thanks

          • So, use one drop of vit E and please, add peppermint oil to the mix, four drops.

          • Thanks so much for your time answering my annoying questions. So to make things clear for my hairloss, thinning, itchy scalp and redness in some areas?

            This recipe is for every two days ? for 25 minutes only or could i leave it for longer or overnight?

            use one drop of vit E , 4 drops of peppermint oil (I have that clear)

            How much of tea tree oil and olive oil please?

          • Yes, everything looks good to me, don’t use it for more than 25 min and please, always add one teaspoon olive oil.

  45. Chris, I’m wanting to mix 1 tsp extra Virgin coconut oil, 1 softgel vitamin E 400 iu, 2 tsp hyaluronic acid moisturizing cream and 1/4 tsp of watered vitamin c powder. Is this safe for hair, scalp and skin or am I missing an ingredient?

    • Don’t use vit C, the other ingredients seems fine.

      • Chris, do you have any suggestion how often I should apply this? Only 30 minutes a night or weekly? Thanks.

        • Well, I need to know what you are suffering from first, if it’s about hair growth, then you need to add two drops of peppermint oil and use it daily, if it’s about scalp health, then no need to add anything, once a week would be fine.

  46. Muhammad Aakash says:

    sir castrol oil is so sticky and evion capsule is also sticky during hair massage a lot of hair fall occur. sir can i mix evion400mg with any other oil or castor oil is necessory for evion?

  47. Can I use vit.e capsules of 400 IU wid olive oil + coconut oil?? As my hair is disgusting.. its oily from d scalp & dry from down.. n unmanagable n also im hving hair fall problem & dandruff issue.. please help me.. n let me knw wat shud I do? to manage my hair?? its thin & wavy.

  48. Hina Ansari says:

    If I mix one capsule of vitamin e 400 in one teaspoon coconut oil and leave it overnight on hair..Will it cause damage to my hair ?

  49. Dear Chris!
    Thanks for your answers before!!

    How many times a week?

    I appreciate your answers to clarify!
    Have a nice day!

  50. Tammy Mote says:

    I have vitamin e oil 4000 iu. I dont think its pure. So what would be the ratio to use with olive oil?

  51. Tammy Mote says:

    Thank you very much. 🙂

  52. MARY B BROWN says:


    • You should use two capsules, and yes, olive oil is great.

      • Can I use vitamin e capsule with patanjali Aloe Vera gel on scalp? Please suggest with capsule quantity and aloe Vera gel quantity.

        • Hi, sorry, no Aloe Vera, just use plain old olive oil, one capsule of vit E oil with one teaspoon, it’s very powerful as it is, so you need to dilute vit E with olive oil.

  53. Hello Chris,

    I would like to know from start to finish on what products, how long and how many times should I use? My hair is coming out every day.

    • Hello Donna, I’d love to help you, but I’ve already explained this in the above post, please, if you don’t understand something, I’d be very happy to help, anyway, one very important thing, use 400IU vit e oil, one drop, this is the most import thing to understand, of course, with one teaspoon olive oil.

  54. Hello Chris!
    After I finished my 20 days using the mix of vit E oil, olive oil, peppermint and tea tree. How long do I need to wait to start again? Thanks Leslie

  55. Manu bhatia says:

    Can i use vitamin e capsule to stop falling and hair regrowth?
    N can i use it with mixture of coconut and peppermint or someother essential oil please let me know

  56. Manu bhatia says:

    Im taking some homeopathy medicine as well as my hair a falling quite a lot from 8 months

  57. Nima Basheer says:

    Hey christ,
    Am 23 years old
    Am having hairloss and it’s getting thin day by scalp is soo visible..(I might be losing more than 150 hair strands a day if u ask me..)
    Every time I take a shower or brush my hair it’s a sad story..!! My wedding is in 3 months..and am really worried..!!
    I read most of ur comments but dint see anything about almond oil..
    Is it okay to mix the e-caspule with almond oil..?
    Almond oil or olive is better..?
    And can I leave it overnight ..?
    How long should I use this..?
    Am searching for peppermint oil ? If I get should I take it..? Shall I mix them all together..?
    Should I intake the capsule..?
    What do u suggest..?
    Please give a a clear answer..

  58. Hi Chris,
    I wanted to ask if i can use vitamin E in coconut hair oil and take cod liver oil tablets side by side? Also, i oil my hair overnight and the vitamin E i use is 400mg strong. Please tell me if it is okay for my hair!

  59. Can we mix Vitamin E capsules with olive oil & store it and use for many days?

  60. Hello,
    I have pcos and recently have seen My hairline start to receed similar to male pattern thinning. It’s just starting to become noticeable, my hair is a dark brown so the spots show unless I get creative with my hairstyle. I used to have a very full head of curly hair. This started about a year ago, but chalked it up to stress and figured it would get better, but it’s the opposite.
    My hair is falling out if I just touch it and the thinning seems to be primarily located at my widows peak and middle hairline. I’m only in my 30s and the doctors want to put me on tons hormone of pills. I’m so scared and I do not know how to help stop my hair from falling out. What oil combination do you recommend for my case? I would like to try and help increase blood flow to the thinning areas and naturally take care of my hair and scalp as much as I can.
    Should I used a special shampoo and conditioner as well?

    • My favorite oil is peppermint, I have many posts in this website dealing with it, it will help you with hair loss a lot, no, just use any shampoo you have right now, rinse after 25 min.

  61. pankaj tibrewal says:

    can i use vitamin e oil with coconut oil twice a week n use minixidil solution on other days will it give any side effect or will benefit more pls tell can i take a vitamin E capsule daily

    • No, either use minoxidil or the oil mixture, the two should never be used together, even if they’re separated by many hours, it’s because minoxidil is very powerful, I have used it in the past and I still remember how it used to play nasty tricks with my blood pressure.

  62. Won’t it damages our hair,if we rinse it everyday? Can i use one vitamin e capsule with coconut and almond oil one time in a week without washing? I am not getting any affect of keeping this for one week.will it increase hair loss?

    • Yes, it will but only a little, as it’s only temporary, this is the reason why I advice my readers to do this for just seven days, and yes, you can mix it with these oils, and sorry, I don’t understand your last question!

      • After applying this capsule with oil, you said us to wash after 20 min. I applied this and washed after one week. I didn’t face any problem. Shall i do the same? Will it affect afterwards? Please tell me the perfect proportions of using this Evion 400 capsule, cocunut and almond oil.

  63. Hi Chris,
    It was about 7 years ago my hair starting to thin around area where I part my hair. I think it’s because I used to bleached and permed my hair. So I started using Monixidil like 4 years ago everyday for about a week and it seemed to lose more hair so I got scared and stop the treatment.
    I also have red spotty dry flaky scalp all my life, so what would you recommend me to use for my current scalp situation? I would like to use something that could help soothe the itchiness of my scalp and promote hair growth as well because soon I plan on getting pregnant so I’m also worried that I might lose more hair after my pregnancy:(

    • So, because you want to get pregnant, I would advise you to not use vit E oil in the concentrations mentioned in this post, you can use peppermint oil, I love it because it both increases hair growth and also soothes the scalp. I have shared many posts in this website on how to use it.

      • Thanks for replying:) Ok so I will mix one tablespoon of olive oil and 2 drops of peppermint oil, rinse after 25 mins and apply this directly to scalp for 7 days straight?

  64. anonymous says:

    hi chris,
    i’m using 2 evion capsules of vitamin e with oilve oil before 30 mint of hair wash but even though i’m losing devastatingly hair every time when i comb my hair and when i used this mixed i’m also feeling great amount of headache too…what should i do now ,plz help 🙁

    • You should lower the amount, so, my question is how much olive oil are you using, please, do as indicated in the post above, it’s proven to work and won’t harm you or cause you headaches.

  65. Anshika gupta says:

    Brother my front hair is totally gone but daily I’m using onion juice in my head and in night I’m using one tablet of vit E and coconut oil and next morning I’m washing my head with shampoo so should i do this daily or twice in a week and how long should i do this for my hair and if you want to suggest me some great ideas to regrow my hair then i will more helpful for me. And if i want to use castor oil with vit e so can i use castor oil please tell me briefly and what should i take and please mansion the amount of every thing like castor oil , vit E so this will help me more . Thank you n love from india

  66. Can I use vitamin E capsule mixing it with coconut oil/olive oil before going to sleep?

  67. Can I use the mix of almond oil,olive oil and castor oil thrice a week?

  68. Gopika Aji says:

    hi chris. i am suffering from too much of hair fall. can i use parachute oil with vit e. is there any side effects

    • I haven’t tried it and I think you should use olive oil or cocnut oil instead.

      • chris.. i have curly hair and 2 years back i do straightening by heating. and after that hair fall starts can i use vitamin e for my hair.

        • Though it’s not very clear what you are suffering from, you need to try the oil mixture, but please, apply only a very small amount to a limited area of your scalp to make sure it won’t cause side effects.

  69. Precious says:

    Hi Chris, What kind of olive oil? should be mixed with Vit E capsule and how often should this mix be used for damaged spot on scalp and throughout head. I get my hair washed every 2 weeks

  70. tnx for your rply chris.. i also want to know that. can we aply herbal shampoos for washing this.

  71. Precious says:

    Hi Chris can you use this oil mix in relaxed hair . It shouldn’t be harmful? I can’t wait to try

  72. Tnku so much chris.. i tried it yesterday. I use vitmin e with coconut oil and it hlped me a lot.

  73. Chris.. i want to ask you onething. Can i continue using coconut oil and vitamin e for hair growth. Is there is anything to add for hair growth??

  74. I read your post. And i want to know that can i add peppermint oil with coconut oil and vitamin e mix. And aply it to my scalp without mixing with other oils

    • Yes, coconut oil is a safe fat which is going to help “carry” the essential oils to your scalp without damaging it.

  75. Hi Chris , how much olive oil , and how much out of vitamin E capsule should be mixed together

  76. Hi…
    I use 2 capsules of evion 400 with my daily oil… it harmful…
    Actually I face severe hair fall…and no growth..pls help me

  77. Hello..
    I am 23 years old.recently I face lot of hairfall.Can I use one 400 IU vitamin e capsules in 5 tablespoon coconut oil?? And can I leave it for overnight?? And I’ll wash it next morning but not with shampoo.only plain water.I want to use this oil twice a week and waah my hair with shampoo only once in a this safe to use vitamin e oil with coconut oil and wash hair with shampoo only once and wash hair with only plain water this safe?? Please give a suggestion….
    Thnk you

    • That’s too much coconut oil, just one tablespoon, no, never leave it overnight. Use it as indicated in this post, it’s the safest way.

  78. Hello,
    So just bought extra virgin olive oil and vit. E oil. If i apply half of it in the morning and the other in the evening do I have to wash it out the following day? I generally have healthy hair: just want it longer.

    Can’t I leave it in?

    I want this as a routine and I wash my hair every 3 or so weeks due to my hair type.

  79. Aashu Singh says:

    What is the amount or quantity of shampoo in which 2 tablets of vitamin E has to be mixed?
    And also tell me the name of vitamin E which has to be bought and which will be easily available in market.

    Thank you.

    • First of all, how much vit E oil in each tablet and what’s the IU count? Second of all, what are you trying to help? As far as the brand, I only use a generic one from Amazon, it’s very cheap.

  80. Sir ..onion juice really works for hairs growth ?

  81. Yes sir plz tell me how to use it becoz my hairs is very thin n i want to make thicker hairs ….thanks sir

    • Hi Adil, if you’d like a stronger and longer hair, no more hair loss, then I recommend you read my peppermint oil article, it will show you exactly what to do.

  82. Shital Burewar says:

    Hey I want to grow my hair..plz suggest me something that I can grow my hair easily…I have dry hair too…n yup can I use vitamin E capsule directly on my oiled hair ???

  83. I am use onion juice in day and vatamin e in night for hair growth… Both are use by massage….. Can I use it both for growth of hair……

  84. Sir can we use vitamin E capsule for all night

  85. My vitamin e oil is 4,000 IU and before reading this I slathered it on my arms and legs and put the rest of the bottle on my hair and slept with it in. I now understand how stupid that was and am concerned that I damaged my hair/skin. Can you overdose on vitamin E by absorbing it through the skin? I’m scared. Ugh.

    • Yes, don’t do it again, although 4000 IU is not that big of a deal, I have read that some people go as far as applying pure, 30000IU vit E oil on their skin!!!

  86. Hi, i am 25 yrs. old. I am suffering from 2 basic hair problems from a very long time. Grey Hair & Week Hair (Sometimes Dandruff Problem too). My hair falls in excess. Out of 100%, i am left with just 40% hair in 3 years approximately, you can say & out of those 40%, around 10-15% have turned into white hair. Around 4-5 years before, i used to have very veryyyy beautiful, strong, heavy, thick & shiny hair. It may be due to spending lot of time on computers as i am a software developer.

    To Prevent Grey Hair Growth & Hair Fall, some one from my hair salon, recommended me to use this recipe:
    Mustard Oil + Jojoba Oil + Onion Juice + Vitamin E
    To Promote Hair Growth & make them Shiny & Strong, this recipe:
    1 Liter Olive Oil + 200 Grams FENUGREEK + 200 Grams Nigella sativa (kalonji or nigella seeds or black seeds)

    I don’t know what should i do ?? I just want my Strong, Thick, Shiny, Black hair back. Please suggest me which mixture should i use?

  87. Hlw sir,
    Can I use vitamin E oil with biotic bhringraj oil..
    I am having a heavy hairfall please suggest something..

  88. can i use evion 400 directly without oil on the scalp?

  89. Hi Chris,
    Thanks for all the information! My basic question is if you experienced any shedding when you began using Vitamin E topically.
    I have been using a mixture of natural shampoo with two capsules of Vitamin E (400 IU), a few drops of lemon oil, a few drops of rosemary oil and a few drops of peppermint oil. I’ve been using this mixture for about a month, washing my hair every other day and allowing the shampoo mixture to stay in for about 5 minutes before washing it out entirely.
    What I’ve noticed is that my hair and scalp have gotten noticeably oily. I have also been shedding quite a lot of hair. (50-75 hairs per shower). Is the shedding a sign that new growth is on it’s way? Or should I abandon this immediately?

  90. Hai Chris,
    I am using garlic+small onion juice 1 teaspoon +400iu vitE +1teaspoon coconut oil and leave it for 20 mts once in a week (it’s a traditional remedy for dandruff and hair fall) and wash with shampoo and in alternative days 1teaspoon of coconut oil + 400iu vitE
    Is that fine or I need to change the dose….

    • Is it working? I really would like to know.

      • yes it’s really work on me, I am using it since the last 1 month. now there is no dandruff problem,[natural remedy is mainly for that] and my hair fall is reduced nearly up to 90% that pretty sure..
        And we should be careful while combing the hair also..

  91. My hair fall very high.. using indian ayurvedic herbal oil but hair fall still not reduce.. should i add vitamin e capsule with little warm oil and apply to head . I have cold problem i will wash my hair once a week. If use vitamin e capsule in head is it coplusory ro wash hair very next day or waah once a week is ok. Pls guide

  92. I’m using Evion 400 vitamin e capsule I use it 1 tablespoon coconut oil with 1 capsule

  93. Before I had used be long and thick hair. But past 3 years lots of hair fallen, am worried about my hair. Can I use vitamin e 400 with 2 tablespoon of olive oil 2 or 3 times in a week. Is this ok to use. I just wanted to recover my old hair. Plz suggest me.

  94. Hello sir

    Will mixing glycerin with vitamin E capsule causes any problem

  95. I am loosing my hair every time i shampoo it and also comb it. What shud be the correct procedure to reduce the fall. what oils should i use and in what proportion? (jojobo oil, vitamin e oil, castor oil, olive oil, tea tree oil).
    Can you tell me the proportions in terms of spoon or drops?

    thank in advance.

  96. I made a mixture of 10ml coconut oil with 1 capsule of evion it safe to use it everyday for 25 minutes and than wash with shampoo??
    And if I use that mixture for overnight and wash it back every morning than it harm my scale or not??
    And is it help to regrow my hair??

  97. cyenthia vijayakumar says:

    I have severe hair loss. I have started using onion, aloe , coconut juice milk hair mask thrice a week ( I leave it for 1.5hrs before I wash) and I have also started using Vitamin E oil (30,000 ICU) + 1 spoon of olive oil once a week( I leave it fro 30 mins and wash it off ).
    Please suggest me how to stop hair loss ? What diet is best to cure hair loss? What hair masks and what oil should i be using to stop hair loss ? Please help!!

    • Let’s start with the diet first, any diet that requires you to eat lots of whole grains, beans, brown rice and fruits and vegetables is excellent for not just your hair, but your whole body as well. Next, stop having dairy, fish and poultry for a minimum of four weeks, then you need to start supplementing with vitamin B12, at least 2000 micro-grams a week.
      As far as what you’re doing right now: I see that you are using too much vitamin E, please don’t, just 4000 IU is more than enough, in fact, don’t use anything in your recipe for hair growth, here is what I recommend, everyday, take one teaspoon olive oil to which you will add three drops of peppermint oil and massage your scalp with it, then rinse after 25 minutes with lukewarm water, only shampoo once every two or three days. Do this for 4 weeks.

  98. What is the best recipe for hair growth and hair loss? You mention using one with peppermint oil and olive oil and another with vitamin e, olive oil, peppermint, castor, and tea oil. Is it possibly to eliminate the castor and tea oil, and if so, would the ratio of the others be the same?

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