Using olive oil and tea tree oil for hair growth and health

One of the most efficient and healthiest oils to use on your hair is tea tree oil, however it is extremely aggressive for the scalp and can cause tremendous itchiness, inflammations and other problems if applied in high amounts, that is why you need to mix tea tree oil with olive oil to get the most beautiful and healthiest hair.

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I’m going to show you how to use olive oil and tea tree oil for having an extremely beautiful hair and also the right amounts to use.

The first thing you must know is why tea tree oil is great for your hair?

Because it is going to energize your scalp and help it grows stronger and healthier hair very rapidly.

Most people are not going to see huge results when using tea tree oil because they are simply applying it the wrong way!

Yes, there is a right way to apply tea tree oil for your hair, you need to apply only a few drops a day, because if you apply a more, it can simply have the reverse effects on your hair and it can even make it extremely brittle and weak.

However, if you apply tea tree oil the right way, and in the right proportions, it will make your hair grow stronger and extremely silky and beautiful.

the reason behind using a combination of olive oil and tea tree oil for your hair and scalp treatments is because tea tree oil is going to add thickness, energy and shine to your hair while olive oil is going to add softness, smoothness, and a protective layer that is going to make your hair extremely attractive and resistant to the toxins in the environment.

Now, here are the things you must do in order to use olive oil and tea tree oil for your hair the right way:

The first thing is to always use only a few drops of tea tree oil a day.

No more than five drops a day for your whole scalp and hair! I know that this is going to look extremely small, but trust me, tea tree oil is one of the strongest and most powerful essential oils to use on your scalp and on your skin, it can cause skin inflammations and tremendous issues if applied in high amounts.

Mix the tea tree oil drops with at least one tablespoon of olive oil.

The second thing is to always mix the olive oil with tea tree oil only when it is warm.

It is because tea tree oil has got a different texture and difference chemical compounds that are not going to mix well with olive oil if cold.

Now, how to apply olive oil and tea tree oil for hair?

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You need to apply at least once a day for three consecutive weeks in order to start seeing amazing and positive results, if you miss one day, do not apply the double dose the next day, as it may have negative effects on your hair and scalp.

To get the most benefits out of using olive oil and tea tree oil, you may want to add in to the mixture of oils grapeseed oil and jojoba oil, I use this combination of oils every day and my hair simply looks amazingly beautiful and very silky.

This is how to use olive oil and tea tree oil for your hair, if you have other questions or comments, please post them below.


  1. Olive oil makes my hair smell horrible, can you suggest another oil?

  2. Hi Chris, I started applying a strange mixture for my hair growth, i mix tea tree oil with olive oil, and then I add a few drops of vitamin E. So, is this really a good hair growth mixture?

    • This is a fantastic oil mixture and I highly recommend it, it will help you a lot with growing your hair quickly and healthily.

  3. Well I’m really surprised you didn’t talk about Shea butter because it’s one of the best oils one can use to help with hair growth.

    • I think Shea butter is great for hair growth, but the reason I didn’t talk about it a lot is because there are even better solutions like tea tree oil for example. Thanks again for your comments and please make sure you mention things you find important to add.

  4. In a spray bottle I mixed extra virgin olive oil tea tree oil water and some hair food that has Petrolatum mineral oil, Shea butter, vitamin A,D&E, hydrolyzed keratin, and lanolin and i spray it in my hair every night after i finish my braid out. Is this mix good for hair growth?

    • Hi Crystal, thanks a lot for your comment. Yes, this is a good mix for hair growth, the only problem I see is with mineral oil because it is a synthetic product, you can get rid of it and why not replace it with jojoba oil. I’ll also suggest that you add to this mix argan and almond oil and if you are courageous, why not apply garlic hair cream before.
      And one more thing, vitamin D is not really helpful for hair growth! You need to take it with food, its effects are going to be much more positive.
      Good luck and if you need more information, please don’t hesitate to write another comment.

  5. You mentioned adding in other oils to the tea tree and olive oil mix but didn’t say how much. Im excited to try this!

    • Hi, thanks a lot for your question, indeed, I forgot to mention this, sorry. In general, you should never exceed three drops of essential oils when preparing this mixture, and the best oils to use are rosemary and peppermint oil.

  6. Hi Chris,
    I mixed little bottles of tea tree oil, olive oil, vitamin E oil and hot water in a spray bottle is that good for my curly hair.. I want my hair to grow.

    • Don’t use vitamin E in high amounts, it can slow down hair growth, and if I were you, I’d add a few drops of fenugreek oil, it’s amazing for hair growth.

  7. I started getting perms and my hair started coming out and I didn’t know what to do because at that point I had to go to school aand I didn’t know what to do do I take it seriously or just like leave it alone…

    • If it’s not bothering you, leave it alone, it’s much better for hair growth to leave your body take care of everything.

  8. How can mix it & put it in a spray bottle

  9. Hi I am having male pattern baldness(androgenetic alopecia 4) so my hair in front portion is keep on reducing showing M shaped forehead also at top portion volume of hair becoming bad how I handle this because I am 23 only.

    • Ohh my God, you’re so young man!!! I’m so sorry to hear about this. Well, you have many options, but the most affordable and fastest one is to use minoxidil!!

      • Hi Chris,

        Even I am facing the same problem. The recommended oil mixture will not help men who are going bald? I do not wanna use harsh chemical lotions or take drugs. Your input will be valuable and highly appreciated!!!


        • Hello Steve, if i were you, I’d look into using minoxidil, worth every penny you spend on it.

  10. Hi Chris. I have a long hair under my waist. As you said the perfect mix should be 1 tbsp of olive oil with 5 drops of tea tree oil, if I need more I could for example make 4 tbsp of olive oil with 20 droops of tea tree oil? Also can I used instead the olive oil avocado, sweet almond,castor or coconut oil??? Thank you.

    • Almond oil is good, but not the other ones, they are a bit strong and can increase the side effects of tea tree oil.

  11. Jennifer says:

    Hi Chris,

    I have purchased a few oils to mix and use as a hot oil treatment for my hair. I have bad dandruff and my hair is also thinning on the sides. To say the least, my hair is extremely damaged. I have already mixed the tea tree oil with the jojoba oil and I will be adding coconut oil as well. Is it safe to add grape seed, rosemary and peppermint to this? Or is that doing way too much?

    • Hello Jennifer, it all depends on the amount, if you are talking about applying one drop of each oil, then they are completely safe, but in the case of peppermint oil, using more than two drops can really harm your scalp, so start first by using one drop of each essential oil, and never apply them at once, they are extremely powerful and can hurt your scalp.

  12. Hi Chris! I’m 22 and I’m having mild hair loss and oily scalp problem. I have added rosemary and lavender essential oils to my shampoo and they quite help my hair loss. But they can’t combat my oily scalp. I have to wash my hair everyday (since in my country the weather is always hot and humid, 38 degree celcius). I’ve tried to mix EO with carrier oil but it only worsened my hairloss. So what should I do? And do you have suggestion what should I eat and not to eat? Thank you

    • You need to definitely avoid fatty foods, especially dairy, the next step is to start applying some few drops of tea tree oil mixed with your favorite carrier oil, mine is olive oil, it will help you tremendously lower down your oily scalp, and why not start applying vinegar rinse, it is one of my favorite ways to get rid of the oily and fatty sensation in my scalp.

  13. My daughter is 7 and has had some hair loss spots .We were told it s alopecia she got a steroid shot but dont want to continue anymore. what can we use instead ? She also has a bit of asthma and allergies.

    • Why not use garlic oil, I’ve used it in the past and I know it works, I’ve heard that it can also have some positive effects on alopecia.

      • Thanku i will try it ! Ill keep you posted . So glad i found you !

        • You’re welcome.

          • I’m 21 and found many spots of alopecia when I was about 17 that continued for a few years. I switched to using baby shampoo and moisturizing with vitamin E from time to time. After getting the steroid shots for the first 2 and receiving a prescription for a topical steroid for at-home application, I used that on the spots until they grew back. I lost 2 other spots of hair and did not get the injections or use my cream. I continued to use only baby shampoo and conditioner and to be gentle with my hair, the spots grew back naturally and faster than the initial spots I had that were more significant in size. Be as gentle as possible is my reccomendation! I also seem to recall trying a garlic remedy once or twice. It is amazing on tooth aches so I think it’s pretty magical all around. I hope her har grows back soon!

          • Hello keyana, I’m sorry for the delay, I was very busy with my work. As you may already guess, this website is just a hobby, but I’m trying to help people as much as possible with the limited time I have.
            I think you suffer from yeast problem! This is just a thought, I’m not sure, but as you have mentioned, using garlic can help you tremendously, if I were you, I would certainly start using garlic oil, just a small amount, it helps tremendously with yeast issues.

  14. my hairs have grown thinner. from center parting of my head.tthese problem has started after my son has born.will teatree oil mixed with almond oil be helpful in regrowth

  15. hi, it is okay to put a drop of tea tree oil to the shampoo I have in my hand and shampoo my hair with it, and after my hair is dried, apply a mixture of tea tree oil with jojoba and apply it onto my scalp and wash it off the next day? and how many drops of tea tree oil and jojoba oil will the mix be ?

    • Hi, you can use tea tree oil in your shampoo but don’t add too much, you should probably avoid exposing your scalp to tea tree oil more than once a day, and don’t exceed a quarter of a tea spoon in one big shampoo container.

      • thanks so much for your reply.

        but in your post you said to apply the mixture of tea tree oil and olive oil at least once a day ?

        and if I were to only drop tea tree oils into my shampoo, one drop each time I wash, how long will it take for me to cure my dry scalp and hair loss?

        lastly, am I suppose to wash my hair daily or every other day with the own-made tea tree oil shampoo ?

        • It’s because you will use it with a shampoo, which already contain other chemicals and probably essential oils, it’s just a precaution. For your dry scalp, about one week, once every two days, if you don’t notice any changes, then you need to augment the dosage, and for your hair loss, you need more than this, at least two months.

  16. hi, chris my hair been coming out every time i comb it. it been a hand full of so can i use olive oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, argan oil,almond oil, garlic hair cream, rosemary oil… to regrow my hair? i’m force to ware a hat all the time now….please help!!!!!!!!!

    • These oils are too much, just use garlic cream, it’s the best and will give you a great result in terms of hair growth.

  17. Hi there,
    1- How long should I keep this olive + tea tree oil mixture in my hair before rinsing it out?
    2- Is it alright to use this treatment while also using Rogain daily?
    Thank you!

    • Hello!
      No, don’t use this recipe while also using Rogaine, it is treatment is more than enough.
      And if you are not using it, you should leave this oil mixture for about an hour, if you increase the tea tree oil, then you should not exceed forty-five minutes and then rinse everything.

  18. Do you wash your hair with shampoo after using tree tea and olive oil? How do you get the oil out so your hair isn’t greasy?

    • I use an organic shampoo and yes, I wash my hair whenever I’m done with the tea tree oil and olive oil.

  19. Hey Chris, so with the mixture of 1 table spoon of jojoba oil, and 5 drops of tree oil do I add water to the mixture.

    To heat it up, is it okay to put it in the microwave for 30 seconds?

    How long do I leave the mixture in my hair? 20mins or all night? Do I was it out with just water or shampoo too?

    Is it okay that I’m taking 2,000 ui of vitamin D and 10,000 ui of Biotion on the side?

    If you can answer all these questions that would be amazing.

    • Hello!
      Don’t use the microwave and avoid water in this oil mixture. And because you are using tea tree oil in high amounts, even five drops are too much, don’t leave it on your hair for more than an hour, preferably forty-five minutes and when you are done, use an organic shampoo or your usual shampoo to wash it off.
      Yes, you are doing fantastic by taking vitamin D and biotin, they are amazing for hair growth.

  20. Apply mixture after shampooing hair?

  21. Kristal says:

    Hi, ok so I keep reading your post. I see you only use a couple drops of tea tree oil but how much olive or jojoba oil do u mix it with? I also read to use once a day for three weeks. So after the three weeks can you still do this treatment or do you have to take any break before using again?

    Thank you

    • You can keep on using this treatment, but usual, you scalp will feel and be better. You should use use a maximum of two tablespoons of olive oil.

  22. Tanya G. says:

    Hello Chris, I’m a black woman and I’ve started using tea tree oil, vitamin E, coconut oil and extra v. olive oil in a little spray bottle. I see you say to use the tea tree oil and olive oil together heated. I have not been heating them. Only spraying the room temp bottle into my hair, is that okay?

    Also, it seems my hair is coming out more since. Should I eliminate the vitamin E and cut back on the tea tree oil? That was going to be my next steps because my hair seems to be feeling more moisturized which is what I was looking for, I just seem to see hair coming out more than before.

    Thanks, your info is great and very helpful!

    • Hello. Yes, it’s ok to use room temp oil on your scalp, you can cut down on Vitamin E, I think it’s not as useful as tea tree oil, however, just lower tea tree a little.
      Thanks so much.

  23. Hi Chris
    I was wondering, after adding the mixture of 5 drops of tea tree oil with a spoon of olive oil to the scalp everyday, does that mean that i have to wash my hair everyday? i would really appreciate your reply.

  24. Hi there…
    I am a black woman trying to grow out my natural hair…
    I want to make a mixture of evoo , tea tree oil, carrot oil , black castor oil and vit. E for my daily hair spritz… is this combo ok … what quantities of each oils are healthier for hair… as my hair is extremely coarse and dry …hence it breaks mid length … I end up loosing a lot of lenght…. ur feedback will be highly appreciated.

    • It seems like a fantastic mixture, but please, don’t use too much vitamin E oil, it can cause your hair to become very brittle and weak. You may want to. The coconut cream to avoid hair loss, apart from this, this oil mixture is fantastic.

  25. Love this thanks

  26. Hi Chris,
    I took my 6 year old daughter to the dermatologist this morning after the 2nd episode now if balding. She 1st accumulated 3 dime sized spots on her head 2 years ago almost, that ended up growing to almost half dollar size. She now has 1 spot. Thinning around her widows peak. There have been some environmental changes that the Dr said could trigger the hair stress, in resulting Alopecia Areata. She also HAD MRSA. Was put on 2 types of antibiotics, steroidal creams etc.
    I found Colloidal Silver as a topical, to be effective the first time for regrowth but it is not this time.
    I have teatree oil, olive oil, coconut oil. The Dr prescription is that of a steroid and shampoo. She wanted to give her a B-12 shot. I had luck the first time with homeopathic remedy so I will try again. The stresses were that I had a baby 17 months ago so she felt left out and alone. My oldest moved back in with me over a month ago and it was a stressful experience that just led to him moving back out. So I’m hoping she will recover soon. Some hair loss is stress, genetics, environmental, products, auto immune deficiency etc….
    Hope this lightens it up a bit. Thank you and Good luck.

    • This is a very sad thing! I hope she will be okay in the near future, if she is taking steroid, you need to avoid giving her other supplements and even essential oils as they may interfere. And as you have mentioned, this is probably due to stress and feeling left alone.

  27. Hi Chris,

    I have 100 grams of Shea butter and I was thinking of mixing it with tea tree oil and olive oil. How much of each oil should I add into the mix?

    • No more than four drops of tea tree oil, and one teaspoon of olive oil. This should give you great results.

  28. hi chris i am just 27 years old male.and my hair is thinnning and falling out and i have an itchy scalp as well ,even i can feel itching is moving from one place to another in my scalp.i bought lots of products but it didnt work though so can you plj suggest me about shampoo and oil that can really solve out my problem.just before 1n half hair before i have lots of hair but now its really thin and so fully transparent scalp.

  29. Shravanthi says:

    Hi Chris…….
    I am having pattern baldness…so is keep on reducing my hair showing my scalp . I have visited doctor and he suggested me with Minoxidil spray to use twice daily. I have used it for 4 months and then stopped it. I don’t want to continue it, plz suggest me the best way to get thick volume hair back with Tea tree oil , olive oil and jojoba oil. I have dandruff too, plz suggest me how to get rid of dandruff permanently , I handle this because I am 27 years, unmarried.

    • Hello, so sorry for the delay, I was very busy with my work. As you may already guess, this website is just a hobby, but I’m trying to help people as much as possible with the limited time I have.
      Look, I’m not going to lie to you, minoxidil is the best solution for your hair loss, I could give you a dozen recipes for growing your hair, but they will not work as minoxidil, if you can’t use it, then, you need to start using saw palmetto on your scalp, it is going to lower DHT as well.

  30. Hello Chris. I am 15 and I’ve been dealing with bald patches to the sides of my hair for about half of my life. I went to the doctor when I was much younger and got an ointment to use but I stopped using it as it had no effect on my bald patches.

    Like two months ago, my friend recommended Biotin, but it only improved the growth of the rest of my hair and my eyelashes, but not the bald patches. I don’t know what to do or use.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello, unfortunately, if these patches are permanently bald, containing no hair roots, or if the roots are extremely damaged, then, no product is going to help you! For growing hair again on these patches, if the roots are okay, you can use minoxidil it is going to have amazing effects quickly.

  31. Hi Chris, my hair has been falling out for awhile now. I went to the doctor, they told me to take vitamin D, which I am, but the hairless hasn’t gotten better. So I found I via Google, & I bought some tea tree oil. My question is this, could I take tea tree oil, vitamin E oil, and olive oil mixed together to help with my hair loss? Or should I just stick with the olive oil and tea tree oil? I was also thinking about putting the mixture into my shampoo. Thanks for your time.

    • You scared me for a moment, I thought you were talking about taking tea tree oil orally! Don’t do it!
      I don’t know what is wrong with these doctors, vitamin D! This is a joke! From my experience, vitamin D alone is not going to help you a lot with hair growth, you should take biotin and vitamin B12, and yes, the oil mixture you mentioned is also very beneficial if applied once or twice a week.

  32. I use TTO for many things. My daughter has episodes of cold sores and after cleansing with hydrogen peroxide I apply with a qtip a very small amount of TTO after 3 days the blister was nearly gone….so I know this is an old miracle cure for many things but I wondering does it have any effect for people who have alopecia areata?

  33. On one post it states to add tea tree oil with olive oil once a day on scaple for 3 weeks. Are you rinsing/shampooing it out daily? Or at the end of week?

    • Hello, I’m shampooing daily, it is because tea tree oil is a little aggressive on the scalp.

  34. Hi Chris,

    Is it safe to leave the mixture of tea tree oil and olive oil in my hair overnight?

    Thank You

    • Yes, it is safe, but only when you use a little amount of tea tree oil, as suggested in the post, otherwise, you may be harming your scalp.

  35. Rebecca Benitez says:

    Hi Chris
    I was just wondering if doing the treatment everyday for three weeks does that mean I need to wash my hair everyday while doing the treatment?

  36. Hi Chris
    Hope you are doing great.

    1. I am facing a problem of Oily scalp, dandruff, thin hair, hair fall, getting white as well. What else should I use with Olive oil and tea tree oil to overcome all the problems and Kindly mention the quantity

    2. If I mix one table spoon of Olive Oil with 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil and lightly massage it thoroughly, Can I apply it at night before going to bed and wash it in the morning?

  37. Hey Chris, just wanted to clarify if it’s the olive oil that’s supposed to be heated up or the tea tree oil. And how long we should heat it.


  38. Also, another question. If we put it every day, wouldn’t we also have to wash our hair everyday with shampoo which isn’t healthy for the hair?

  39. Hi, since dying my hair I have a receding hairline at the sides and front of my forehead and my hair strands are getting finer. What would you suggest?!

    • Can you please give you more information about your condition, your diet, products you are using and even stress levels because the information you gave me are too little! However, if I was to give you advice, I would tell you to stop dyeing your hair and see what is going to happen.

  40. Austin d says:

    Your advice is amazing !!! I took a cup of water, 5 drops of peppermint oil, 3 drops of tee tree oil and almond oil . The mixture is so light and I have seen growth in my hair within the last two weeks with certain spots. Should I be using this many oils or is it okay since I thin the mixture out with water.

    • Hello Austin, thanks so much for your kind words, please, do not exceed the recommended amounts, especially when it comes to peppermint oil and tea tree oil, and you should also avoid mixing these oils with water, just use them as they are.
      And don’t worry, these oils are completely fine if you use them with caution.

  41. hi chris
    I am suffering from seborrheic dermatitis n also loosing tea tree oil useful for SD ?

    • yes, but do not use too much, two drops a day mixed with olive oil is more than enough.

  42. Hi Chris,

    How do you warm up the mixture of oil? I read don’t use microwave to heat it up. Also, 45mins is long time to wait to wash it off. Is there any better way to apply it?

    • no! Unfortunately, there isn’t a better way to use it, and when it comes to heating the oil, use a double boiler if you have one, if you don’t, just take a large spoon, add your oil mixture in it, and heat it over steam.

  43. Hey chris perrelio…. are u a brazilian? :O
    If you are, then lemme tell you, your country is like the best. The best
    Okay. Now the problem, see, if I use 1tsp of olive oil and 5 drops of tea tree oil, then wouldnt my hair turn out to be oily and wouldnt I need to wash them everyday? Is it okay if we just use this solution thrice a week? Will it show the same results?

    • hello, no, I’m not Brazilian, I’m Italian living in Canada right now 🙂 but thanks a lot for the comment, so, it is going to make your hair oily, but remember that this oil mixture is not meant for making your scalp look beautiful, it is meant for curing it, just use it over a period of two weeks, it is more than enough. And you can use it three times a week, it is completely okay.
      As far as results are concerned, within two months, you are going to notice a huge difference in hair growth.

  44. Is it okay to use 6 tbsp olive oil+2 drops tea tree oil +2 drops peppermint+2 drops rosemary. I have eczema and I’m trying to find something to ease the the itching, redness and flaking. Should I use this mixture on my scalp everyday?

    • using the amount you just mentioned, it is okay to use it every day, however, I must tell you that this oil mixture is going to be very weak. But it is effective anyway.

      • I dont want it to be weak, what amounts do you suggest I use? I have tea tree, peppermint and rosemary essential oils; castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil as carrier oils. How should I mix, what do you suggest?

        • First, heat in a double boiler one tablespoon of coconut oil, don’t burn it, then, add to it another tablespoon of castor oil, then three drops of tea tree oil, two drops of peppermint oil, and two drops of rosemary oil.
          These oils are fantastic for keeping your scalp healthy and for improving your hair growth as well.
          Good luck.

  45. hi please can i mix olive oil,tree tea ,castoil oil together for my hair?thank you

    • if you are talking about castor oil, then, you can use this oil mixture, but please, do not exceed two drops a day of tea tree oil, this stuff is very powerful.

  46. I want to know if tea tree oil helps with heat damaged hair. I’m 13 and I used to use heat a lot but I want to be a cosmetologist and I want to start taking care of my hair.

    • no, it will not help damaged hair. Why not use coconut creamor even better argan oil? It is much better for heat treatments.

  47. Hey Chris, question: What exact brand of tea tree oil do you use? And is usinf apple cidar vingar in a spray bottle good for the hair too?

    • yes, you can use apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle, it must be a glass one and it must be mixed with at least one tablespoon of warm water, as far as tea tree oil, I use many brands, it depends on the ones I find available, but the one thing I advise you to do is to always get organic ones.

  48. Bobbie Budgett says:


    I am a black women who has loss hair at the hair line. I’ve been using a mixture of Rosemary and Olive oil. I saw you indicated I could add Tea Tree oil to assist in hair growth, but how much Tea Tree oil should I use.

    • if you would like to increase your hair growth, you should definitely add also peppermint oil and castor oil, use the following mixture: one drop of peppermint oil, one drop of tea tree oil, one teaspoon of castor oil and one teaspoon of almond oil, if you can find argan oil, it is much better.

      • Bobbie Budgett says:

        This is not clear.

        Are you stating to add the peppermint oil, tea tree oil, castor oil and almond oil to argan oil or are you stating to use only argan oil.

        • Try to look for argan oil, if you find it, use it, if you don’t, you can substitute it with almond oil. Sorry if I wasn’t very clear.

  49. Grace Eloho says:

    Hi Chris, Thank you for sharing these information i find your comments very useful for my hair growth plan. My hair is very brittle and weak, i also have problem with dandruff and itchy scalp. Just last week i had to cut my hair very low so i can start grooming it again. Pls how do i go about using these oils i have to suit my hair issues; Absolute Aromas tea tree oil, Okay 100% Jamaican black Castrol oil, Creame of Nature Argan oil and Okay Glycerin Vegetable oil? Thank you!

    • first of all, I’m so sorry to hear about your condition, start by mixing two drops of tea tree oil with your argan oil cream, just one teaspoon, then add to it you’re castor oil and you are done, no need for vegetable oil or glycerin.

  50. How much amount of grapeseed oil and jajoba oil should I need to add in teatree oil and olive oil mix?? Can I add rosemary oil in it?? How much if yes!??

    • yes you can, when it comes to rosemary oil, do not exceed three drops for every one tablespoon of either jojoba oil or grapeseed oil. However, when dealing with tea tree oil, never use more than two drops.

  51. You say apply once a day and then do you just rinse it out with water or with shampoo too? Because shampooing everyday is bad but if i rinse it out with water only wont it still be greasy? Also how long should i keep it on for? Im trying to grow my hair to my waist so ive purchased tea tree, oil olive oil, coconut oil and i heard egg whites are also good can i mix these all together? Thanks x

    • It is better if you wash your hair afterwords with shampoo, preferably an organic one. Try to keep the oil mixture for at least twenty minutes, forty-five minutes are much better. Many people believe that using eggs, especially the yolk is beneficial, in my opinion, it is only good for making your hair look and feel smooth, if you would like to increase its strength and growth, you need to use natural oils, especially coconut oil. You can use egg whites from time to time, they are good as well, but not as the other essential oil.

  52. I m having wavy hairs n bit curls can u tel me which oil will help to increase my hair length fast…i use almond oil n coconut oil..

    • You are already doing it right, both these oils are fantastic for hair growth, you can add one drop of peppermint oil, and apply one tablespoon of these oils mixture daily.

  53. buttercup says:

    I color som part of my hair an suddenly it start to wat can i use to repair it back an sometimes a small amount comes out when i comb it so wat do u suggest i use.i need it to thick an have body length as well

    • If you are looking for a natural way to prevent hair breakage and increase hair growth, then, you need to start using garlic or onion oil, they are some of the best ingredients to use.

  54. hi chris, i really hope u can help me. im from germany and english is not my best language. so i hope u will understand me. im suffering from hair loss since many years. when i turned 13 or 14 (growing age) i noticed hair growing on my face and body just like a male. i had beautiful thick hair till then. afterwards i started having lots of hair fall…now im 35 and i have balding on the crown and diffused hair loss all over. inbetween my hair always stopped falling out but then again. i dont wan to loose any more of my hair. i had pregnancy as well and afterwards i had much more hair fall. i started using regain and am using it many years now. it stopped falling out my hair but i dont want to use it my life time long and is it possible to grow my hair back? i have changed my diet…i take vitamins for hair growth and also oiled my scalp but nothing brought my hair back. i want to oil again…but will it help? please help me !

    • Hello, have you tried cutting down on dairy products? It is because they contain huge amounts of hormones that may be disturbing your system!
      Since I’ve stopped taking dairy products, my body started feeling amazingly well and I began to see huge improvements in my looks, I think you should start with this as well.
      If your roots are intact, you can grow back your hair again, for now, you should definitely keep using Rogaine and slowly introduce essential oils, garlic and onion oil are the best for growing hair, you should mix them with olive oil or argan oil and apply them two or three times a week.
      You should also start taking biotin on a daily basis, check your vitamin B12 as well, if it is low, your hair growth is going to be very weak.

  55. thanks chris for the really fast answer. im so happy u wrote me back ! i will definately try ur tips ! i will make my own onion and garlic oil. i do have one more question. i researched a lot and people kept telling me to use rosemary, tea tree and peppermint oil as well mixed with jamaican castor oil. should i do that as well? i already bought this essential oils…if i should use them then could u tell me how?
    i forgot to tell u that i also have oily scalp and dandruff caused by the rogaine. what can i do to get rid of the dandruff ? i also have less iron in my body and thats why i lost a lot of hair. im taking it now as a supplement and the hair fall stopped however the lost hair doesnt grow back ! its so bad ! maybe u r right i should take the B12 as well…maybe thats why i have less blood production inside.
    thanks again for taking time for me. best regards rabia

    • Yes, you can use rosemary oil with this mixture as well, it will not harm your scalp, this will only add benefits. The reason why I didn’t insist on using it is because it is not as efficient as the other recommended oils. You should just add one or two drops to your oil mixture that’s it.
      This oil mixture is also going to help you get rid of your dandruff issues, however, you should rinse your hair and scalp very well with a good quality shampoo after at least leaving this mixture for twenty minutes on.

  56. I m using a mix of one tea spoon oilve oil with 5 drops of tea tree oil , 2 drops of grapeseed and rosemarry oil. Is this proportion is right chris ?!! Do I need to mix jajoba oil also to this mix??

    • These seems to be fine, but the only thing I don’t like is having five drops of tea tree oil! This stuff is very aggressive on the scalp, be careful, never exceed two drops.

  57. also tell me, im already taking Biotin and iron bcz i always have too less iron. i wanted to add Vitamin D3 and B12 to my diet. would that be ok? and should i use the garlic and onion together or only one time onion and the other time garlic? thanks again

    • Vitamin D3 and vitamin B12 are not going to cause side effects, you just need to respect healthy amounts, for vitamin D3, a maximum of 2000 UI a day and for vitamin B12, a maximum of 2500 micrograms a week.
      As far as your hair, both garlic and onion oils and creams are efficient, but personally, I prefer onion, it is less pungy and will last you much longer in the fridge. You should use it two or three times per week.