Toddler’s flaky scalp – natural remedies

You are going to discover in this post some amazing natural remedies for toddlers flaky scalp, although they may seem very easy and somehow simple, they are extremely effective and I want you to never forget this:

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You are dealing with a very sensitive being, toddlers have very sensitive skin and fragile metabolism as well, and to prevent any problems or health complications, especially related to using natural remedies, I really think that you need to be careful and only use simple remedies, never use harsh ones!

Well, let me tell you a little story:

When my wife gave birth to our first son, soon, after just some few months, he started developing very flaky scalp, he started having white scales all over his hair and I won’t lie to you, I felt extremely troubled and scared at the same time!

After checking with a dermatologist, he confirmed that it was nothing to worry about and that our son was doing great, yet, his flaky scalp didn’t stop at all and it seemed to even get worse!

That’s when my wife started using these natural remedies which her mother told her about, and the truth is that they have works amazingly well, here they are, they are very simple yet they will work amazingly well:

  • The first one is to use an oil blend.

Me and my wife are from Italy, and there, we love and use olive oil for everything and anything.

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The amazing thing about old Italians is that they always prefer to use natural oils and natural remedies whenever they are suffering from a problem, and this is the same thing with my mother-in-law as well, when she saw that my son was suffering from very flaky scalp, she immediately told us to use olive oil, but not alone, with an amazing and secrets essential oil: lavender oil!

I’m sure that you already know about lavender plants, and how wonderfully the smell. Italians are very proud of lavender products and we think that they are not only very aromatic, but they are also extremely healing to our health and most importantly to our skin, this is the reason why my mother-in-law decided to mix one tablespoon of olive oil with just one drop of lavender oil, and to dip the tip of her finger in it and massage my son’s scalp very gently.

And soon enough, after just five days doing this every single day, his scalp became very clear and it stopped from having scales and dandruff!

If you feel worried about using this oil blend, then, let me give you another simple solution: white vinegar.

And this one is absolutely very safe and also extremely beneficial for his or her skin and scalp as well.

Mix one teaspoon of white vinegar or apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon of warm water, then, apply to his or her scalp for just some few minutes, make sure you massage very gently, then, rinse using warm water.

This is also extremely efficient and will reduce your toddler’s flaky scalp dramatically.

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If you have a question or you feel worried about these techniques, don’t hesitate to ask me, I will be very glad to help you, just use the form below:


  1. hi chris,
    iam having itchy scalp and iam starting to use the remedy of tea tree oil and olive oil. cpuld you please help me how to wash the oil off?, and is there any cleanser that you suggest,

    • Use your favorite shampoo, just remember to leave it for a minimum of 25 minutes.

      • Hi

        I used to have very thick hair

        But recent years the volume has comedown to 1/4 th of my original hair

        Can I use minoxidil with ylang ylang oil?

        I consulted doctor ,he gave me multivitamins and asked me to use minoxidil

        Any suggestions?

        I have oily scalp and dry hair

        Thank you

        • A multivitamin won’t help with hair loss, however, minoxidil will, but be careful, it can cause high blood pressure, that’s the reason why I highly advice you to try and use peppermint oil first, you will find all the information you need about this subject in this website. If you need help, I’m here.

  2. I’m very happy I have found your blog, it’s very helpful. Thanks

  3. hi dear sir,
    i am from india.ican you please help me out?i have very bad hairs such as hairs are becoming less and less,they are dry and there any way.can i have silky smooth if i shampoo.the for half and hour.hairs look very silky n smooth..but after some time goes..they become bad dry damaged.what can i do…can they become silky and smooth for whole day..please help sir..

    • Hello, it seems to me that your hair is lacking sebum, which is the essential fatty substance produced by your scalp, in my opinion, you should reduce saturated fats consumption in your diet as much as possible, this will help you tremendously, nevertheless, here is a fantastic recipe you can use on a daily basis, for a minimum of seven consecutive days:
      Take one teaspoon of almond oil to which you are going to add five drops of tea tree oil, mix everything and apply onto your scalp, when you are done, massage gently, then, wait twenty-five minutes and rinse everything.
      This is going to help you a lot, please, report back if you have any questions or inquiries.

  4. Hi, Chris.
    I’m 23 years old. I’m suffering from severe scalp sores and hair fall.
    Should I start by applying White Vinegar?
    Apple cider vinegar won’t work??

  5. Hey, Chris.

    I don’t know if you’re active or not but I’ll give this a try.

    I’m a twenty one year old male. My hair started thinning in late 2015, four months after I suffered from Chicken Pox. The thinning is very prominent in the front and the middle, yet the hair on my sides and back are healthy and quite dense. Right now, I’m applying (Egg Yolk + Castor Oil) on a weekly basis and shampooing only once a week when rinsing.

    My hair are very week, my scalp is oily yet my hair are sometime very dry. Also, sometimes (twice a month) my scalp hurts if I try to style my hair.

    Hope you can give a solution as to what I should try applying.

    • Hello, I highly recommend that you give tea tree oil a try, I’ve shared numerous posts on this website about your issue.

  6. Excellent, thanks man; love this a lot, it works.

  7. Hi
    I have a 5yr old daughter who has recently been diagnosed by her pediatrician of having psoriasis in the scalp. After doing some research I found several products for her hair some expensive some not. I also discovered after talking with my family bout it that it runs in the family. We have had other family members with an all of sudden outbreak of this psoriasis 98% being the men in my family when they too were 5 or younger. I AM RECENTLY trying dermarest a shampoo for the treatment of it but it’s not working fast enough . Don’t really know if it matters but we are an African American family and from experience I know different cultures take care of their hair differently including every thing from how many times they wash it to how they style it. I guess I want to know an effective method for the treatment of psoriasis in African American scalps. I wash her hair three time a week which is considered excessive in my culture. I think all the washing is drying it out so much but I have to or else every other day it becomes smelly scaly and itchy with very dry scalp and puss bumps that are sometimes yellowish in color. I’m at my wits end I dnt want to put her on any medication at 5 but I’m running out of options and dealing with her hair is becoming exhausting to say the least plus I’m tired of herscalp hurting and her crying when I am treating it and pulling up the scales. Pleases any advice on what to do or what to do extra would be great…Thanks in advance…

    • Thanks Taura for writing your comment, it would help a lot of readers.
      First of all, psoriasis can be cured with the right help and mindset.
      Now, washing her hair three times a weeks is too excessive, indeed, it’s going to dry her scalp.
      I had psoriasis in the past and trust me, no supplement or medication has helped me a lot, the only thing that has proven itself is dietary changes, so , if I were you, I’d stop her from consuming anything dairy, processed or animal based! PERIOD!
      I’m sharing with you Taura what has worked for me here.
      One more very important thing, try taking a quarter teaspoon tea tree oil and mix it with one teaspoon olive oil, then apply it on to her scalp once a week, before shampooing, leave it on for fifteen minutes then shampoo and rinse.

      • Thanks so much Chris after reading others post I started to make changes in her diet immediately just taking it one day at a time after all she is only 5. I will definitely cut back on the washing. You have very helpful site.

  8. Hi Chris,

    I am just about at my wits end with this problem…I have had dry, itchy and smelly scalp for a few years now. My scalp starts to smell and itch after a day of shampooing and I scratch it causing it to bleed and crust. I tried all sorts of things like t-sal, dandruff shampoos, natural, non-irritating shampoos, anti-fungal shampoos (with tea treee oil and other essential oils in the ingredients) with no luck, nothing has helped even a little bit. I don’t know what could be causing it (is it irritated and sensitive or is it a bacterial/fungal overgrowth?) I’m thinking of resorting to prescription shampoos like Nizoral but I wish I didn’t have to use such strong chemicals. I thought that tea tree oil probably won’t help since the tea tree oil shampoos didn’t help, but do you think the shampoos just didn’t have enough of a dose? Do you have any suggestions? Thank you so much.


    • Hi Iris, go for it, use tea tree oil as indicated in this website, will help you a lot, most tea tree shampoos have weak blends which will not help your scalp!

      • I used to have very thick hair

        But recent years the volume has comedown to 1/4 th of my original hair

        Can I use minoxidil with ylang ylang oil?

        I consulted doctor ,he gave me multivitamins and asked me to use minoxidil

        I have oily scalp and dry hair

        • Hello Tanu, no only use minoxidil, using a multivitamin for hair loss is a bad idea in my experience, try to first start using minoxidil and then read my post on how to use peppermint oil for hair growth.

      • Hi Chris,

        Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve purchased some tea tree oil and am planning to try it soon. However, I decided to only use conditioner at the ends of my hair and no where near my scalp on my last wash and I haven’t been itchy or smelly even after 2 days!! It’s a miracle. I must have tried every dandruff, antifungal, anti-hairloss, itchy/dry scalp shampoo/conditioner as well as all the natural products I could find (I think I’ve tried over 20 brands) and nothing worked even slightly. I never thought taking out conditioner would help. I’m posting this comment in case it might help someone with the same problem as me, there is hope!

  9. Hey Chris, m a teenager. And experiencing excessive hair fall which is making my hair thin. My scalp is hot, not itchy though. Hair is normal nor dry nor oily..
    I need a solution to regain my hair.. Read about using egg masks. Is it good?
    Please help!

    • Hello, I think that using an egg mask is a bad idea, better use peppermint oil, you can read about it a lot in this website.

  10. Judy Fleischer says:

    I have been suffering from (I call them zits) for over a year on my scalp. I thought it was from a product, but now I don’t think so. I am going to try the tea tree oil method today, & was wondering if I can still use my styling products after shampooing. I have very fine hair & can’t imagine not using my products.
    Do you think a short round of an antibiotic might help at all? I will be looking forward to your response.

    • Not, avoid styling your hair with products and heat as well, and please, consult with a doctor before using antibiotics.

  11. Hi Chris

    About your remedy of mixing olive oil and lavender oil. What kind of olive oil are you recommending? I only have cooking olive oil and young living lavender essential oil . Can those work? Thank you for your help.

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