The best remedies for your smelly scalp

Your smelly scalp can be due to many causes; however, the most effective ways to treat and to remedy it are the same.

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Having a smelly scalp doesn’t mean that you are not taking good care of your hygiene, in the contrary, most hygiene conscious and clean people are going to develop a smelly scalp, it’s because of yeasts!

  • The first way to get rid of your smelly scalp is applying a sulfur rich shampoo.

Sulfur is a key solution to getting rid of your smelly scalp, it’s a very powerful antifungal and antibacterial chemical, this means that it’s going to get rid of the yeast colonies in your scalp, which are causing all the bad smell.

The best brand of sulfur shampoo is Neutrogena T-Sal shampoo, it’s the one most dermatologists recommend, it will not only get rid of odors in the scalp, but will also help with psoriasis and other inflammatory diseases in the scalp.

Neutrogena T-Sal shampoo does not only contain sulfur, but it also contains salicylic acid which is amazing at getting rid of fungal colonies and other germs in the scalp.

The best advice on applying this amazing shampoo is , when washing your hair, to leave it on for about five to ten minutes, this is how you get it to destroy the bacteria and funguses on your scalp, most people are going to use the shampoo for a very short period of time and then wash it, sometimes even less than one minute, this is simply a waste of valuable ingredients, leave it on your hair and scalp for at least five minutes.

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  • The next advice is to avoid applying conditioners on the roots of your hairs.

Most conditioners contain lots of oils and nutrients; these are not going to serve you well when they are applied near the roots of your hair because you are simply going to be feeding the yeast and bacteria there, which is going to increase the smell!

When applying your conditioner, always use it on the end of your hair and never on the roots, it will be useless there.

  • The third way to get rid of your smelly scalp is to use garlic oil.

I know that many will consider the use of garlic to get rid of bad smells a bit ironic, but the truth is that bacteria and funguses hate garlic; in fact garlic is going to kill most damaging and harmful funguses.

The best way to use garlic to get rid of your smelly scalp is by using its oil.

Garlic oil is available at health food shops and can even be made in the comfort of your home, but I simply prefer to buy it.

Garlic oil contains powerful antifungal and antiseptic compounds that are going to kill the smell producing yeasts on your scalp very quickly and efficiently.

  • Another effective remedy for your smelly scalp is lavender oil.

Lavender oil is simply the most effective solution to getting rid of not only your smelly scalp, but also scalp itchiness and inflammations.

It’s a very powerful antifungal and antiseptic natural oil, and the best thing about it is that it’s very cheap and can last you for months.

Here is how to apply lavender oil to stop bad smells in your scalp:

After washing your hair with a sulfates free shampoo, dry your hair with a clean towel and apply 5 to 10 drops of lavender oil.

In case you are having hair loss or growth issues, you should try using peppermint oil, it will help. Click here now!

Some people prefer to mix it with jojoba oil, but the best results can be obtained when used alone. It’s not very expensive, you just need to apply 5 to 10 drops on your scalp and massage it well.


  1. yeasts are the reason, I always thought it was something else! thanks! now, let’s hope your techniques will work because i have a marriage celebration next month and i want to look good for the family. chris, my question is about olive oil, we use it here a lot, Lebanon, and I don’t see you mentioning it! is it going to work to reduce the smell in my scalp?

  2. I’ve started to smell weired in my hair recently, dont know what’s going on, but I’m sure of one thing: my scalp hurts and I’ve started seeing much more hair in my pillow when I wake up.
    Please help!

    • Hello, I really think that you have to start using an amazing shampoo called Nioxin, it will help you tremendously with your hair loss issues, otherwise, you can try using minoxidil, but for the moment, just use Nioxin, it will help you tremendously.

    • I just read that excessive hair loss, redness, inflammation and yellow crusting at the hair follicles can be caused by favus, a fungus. Sorry Chris, but I disagree with you on this. If it was a matter of simple hair loss, it should not hurt like Cathrin says it does. I’d look into treatments targeting microbes in your scalp. I have dealt with smelly scalp issues for 2 yrs now. It comes and goes and seems to persist longest when I’m stressed, which is often. Dermatologists have been of no help. I’ve been told it’s only in my head and that my nose is the problem, like I’m imagining it! It’s affected my getting close to my partner because I feel my scalp emits an almost musty earwaxy smell. Pyrithione zinc, sulfur and tea tree oil shampoos have not helped. I have tried even using dish soap to strip the scalp of oils so that I take away food source for microbes but it only reduced the odor slightly and made my hair dry as tumble weed. Going to try raw apple cider vinegar next. I will post my results.

      • Hi Harry, thanks so much for your comment, it’s very helpful and full of great golden nuggets. Well, I advised Cathrin out of my experience, some three years ago, I started having hair loss and a terrible smell in my scalp, using Minoxidil and tea tree oil helped a lot. Yes, you are totally correct, it can definitely be a microbe, but when it comes to hair loss, it’s very wise to use minoxidil as it is going to slow down and in most cases stop it.
        I’m really sorry to read about your issue, and as with you, dermatologists didn’t help much, one even told me that it’s the “stress” causing this!!! Really!!! Give me a break!! Anyway, I was going to recommend pyrithione zinc, but you seem to have already tried it. As far as vinegar is concerned, I like using white instead of apple cider, but this is a personal choice, and if your condition is caused by a microbe, the acidity may stop it or at least slow it down a bit. If I were you, I’d take a teaspoon of green tea, grind, mix it with water , avoid using oils, and make a paste out of it, cut my hair short , as it may cause some color issues, and apply it every night. I’ve heard that it was great for stopping skin issues and also getting rid of bad germs.
        Good luck and please keep us informed, I’m so glad you’ve contributed with your experience.

  3. I must try these tips, I’m starting to smell really strange, and I’ve even noticed some hair loss, I will report back with updates.

  4. I’ve never thouhgt that garlic woiuld help with bad smel, go figure.
    anyway, thanks a lot for your article and your website, i like it a lot and will read more posts. i have a problem, my hair is atarting to fall down and i’m scared i may not have any by the end of the year 🙁 I’m a male, 39 years old and I have no disease or helth problems!
    Please chris, help me.

    • Hi XXX, what a name!
      From what you said, it seems that you have a DHT problem, which is too bad because it needs life long treatments in order to maintain your hair growing, sorry!
      Look for a product called rogain, it will stop your hair shedding and increase hair growth almost overnight.
      Thanks for your comment and good luck.

  5. Hey! My scalp is very smelly and I was wondering if using a baby shampoo would be helpful. Thanks so much!!

    • Sorry, it will not help a lot. Try to get tea tree oil and use it everyday, it will help tremendously with the smell.

      • when you said tea tree oil… apply it to the scalp?
        i have smelly scalp too which i have to wash my hair everyday. somethings just few hours after washing i could smell it which is really annoying.

        • Hi layla, so sorry to read about this You need to start using tea tree oil everyday on your scalp, as indicated in the post, you should mix it with a carrier oil like jojoba or olive oil. It should help you tremendously.
          Good luck

  6. Hi chris! Plz help me i’ve been suffering from smelly scalp for more than a year now doctors n everyone around say my hair should see the sun but it does n the smell keeps getting worse i used to have long thick hair but after i realised the smell my hair started falling with a lot of dandruff n it itches me a lot im about to go crazy everyone thinks im imagining the smell but no one feels my pain plz help me plz!!

    • Hi, no you are not imagining things!! It’s real, trust me, I’ve been there and I know how awful it is. Look, my straight answer is to use the tips in this post, they’ll help you tremendously, and pay close attention to using tea tree oil, it’s wonderful stuff.

  7. Hi chris plz help me ive had smelly scalp for 1 year now n more my hair has thinned a lot n it itches so much i im becoming depresses due to this problem everyone around thinks that its nothing n not important but no one understands my pain plz plz plz help!!

    • Hi, yes, smelly hair can be very depressing and it can lower self esteem tremendously. Again, the most efficient solution is to use tea tree oil, I’ve tried it and it’s amazing. One more thing, if you’d like to add more volume and health to your hair, you need to start taking Biotin, it’s great for hair growth.

      • Ok thanks but can you plz tell me how often n wen n how do i use ?

        • Hi, as far as tea tree oil, you need to use it with a carrier oil, like jojoba for example, for each tea spoon of jojoba oil, three drops of tea tree oil. everyday, apply one tea spoon to your hair, massage it very well, and make sure your scalp receives as much as possible, do this for at least one month.

      • Okay thnx sooo much! Can u plz let me know how often n wen should i put tea tree oil in my scalp n can i mix it with castor or lavendar oil plus i’ve heard that the smell wont go until particular diet or pill are taken is this true plz let me know thank you sooo much for giving me hope into having a healthy hair again!!

        • I think that the idea of diet is well founded. I had the most horrible smelly scalp when I was eating high amounts of cheese and diary, so stay away from these products, I really think that your body will benefit a lot. I don’t think that you need to worry too much about the carrier oil to use with tea tree oil, but I’d really advice you to try jojoba.

      • Hi chris, i couldnt find the shampoo you recommended in australia but i found a shampoo called davroe do u agree that it will get rid of the smell n dandruff?

        • I’m really sorry, but I can’t advice you on this shampoo as I’ve never used it before. The best thing to do is to go online and buy the shampoo I recommend, next you can add some ten drops of tea tree oil, this will both get rid of dandruff and smell quickly.

  8. Chris plz reply to me ASAP!!!

  9. Thanks a lot for your advice Chris ive started the using the oils you recommended and i stopped eating any dairy or cheese i think you are right because i eat a lot of these food but do i stop eating from them forever or just until my scalp n hair are clear from the smell?

    • Hello, so sorry again, my computer is driving me nuts!!! 🙂 Well, to answer your question, if you want temporary results, then take temporary measures and vis-versa. I think you better leave these foods alone and only eat them from time to time. Good luck.

  10. zarai hernandez says:

    Hi chris. I have a question. ive never had a smelly scalp. but 3 months ago i started the depo shot. Ever since i my scalp smells bad. Could the shot be.the.cause of this?

    • Probably, because it alters the hormones in your body. Anyway, take one tbs a day of ground flaxseeds, they’re great and my wife use it for her hair. Good luck

      • zarai hernandez says:

        Thanks for responding. Can you tell me exactly how your wife does this.

        • You’re welcome, she just eats two tablespoon a day of whole ground flaxseeds, that’s all and it seems to be helping her tremendously.

  11. Hi, so for the past year or so, my hair has been really smelly. Particularly my scalp as when I rub it with my fingertips, I can smell an odor. I wash my hair everyday, but it never smells like the shampoo, it almost immediately starts to smell. What’s the best plan of action from here?

    • Hello, if I were you, I’d use the tips in this post, especially when it comps to the shampoo I recommend, it’s amazing.

  12. Hi Chris, I was reading your website and I found it so useful. I have smelly scalp then after I read your post I went to buy Neotrogena T/Sal, my question is how long I have to use this shampoo?,

    • Hi, thanks a lot for your comment. For me, I had to use it for months, but I had atotaly different issue. Most people will start having positive effects after one month of use, preferably once every three day, if you have a strong smell, use it daily.

  13. Hi

    Recently my boyfriend told me that my scalp smells really funny! Since then I have noticed it myself! Especially when I am hot! It is really emabarrasing and I am worried others can smell it!!

    I have recently put on quiet a lot of weight could this have anything to do with it? I am desperate for this smell to go! I am going to give the lavender a go! Will it make my hair really greasy if I am putting it on after I have washed my hair?? Please can you advise what I have to do! Thank you

    • Hi,
      Ouch!!! that’s bad heheh, anyway, don’t worry, the lavender solution will work just fine. And yes, weight can be a factor as well, especial if you are eating a lot of meat and especially chicken and fish, I remember my body smelling horrible each time I’d eat fish, when I stopped, it disappeared! Go figure!!
      Just mix two drops of lavender oil with one tea spoon of olive or coconut oil and then massage your scalp, leave it for thirty minutes and then wash everything.
      Good luck

  14. hi
    i have a problem with smelly scalp, i noticed its oily and its been 2 mos now. i tried the thera rx antibacterial scalp therapy but it ddnt work. and i tried the iodine antiseptic cleanser, aso ddnt work.. its so depressing and really smell. i tried sulfur soap but the smell makes it worst. i want to try the shampoo you recomended in the article, bt i also want to know about how to use the lavender oil jojoba oil and tea tree oil.. do you recommend usig virgin coconut oil? please help me..:( thank you so much…

    • I’m really sorry to read about your problem, you can use coconut oil, but I prefer olive oil, lavender is fantastic, but you should mix it with tea tree oil as well. I highly recommend that you use T-Sal shampoo it will help you a lot.

  15. Hi Chris..I’m a going to be 40 female. I’ve noticed that “stinky hair” smell recently. This pass winter I had a terrible bout with psoriasis. My doctor gave me cream for my body but not for my scalp which isn’t so bad,I do have patches here and there especially like on my sides. Anyways, I usually wash my hair every other day or two. I DO use a sulfur based shampoo for the psoriasis once in awhile, after I wash my hair I condition and rinse then throw it up in a towel for 15 minutes or so sometimes longer. I ONLY use a hair pick because I don’t want to scrape my scalp with a brush or comb, I then use my mousse and spray and put my hair in a bun to usually style it for the next day. My hair is usually curly looking and scrunched the next day. I’m USE TO THIS LOOK! However, i do want a new style because I’m sick of throwing my hair up in a bun. My 3 daughters do it now too! ALWAYS in a bun! Anyways, I’m sure this is the reason for my “stinky scalp”. My question is is there anything I can do or wash my hair with FOR NOW until I get a new do? My hair is if say a little pass shoulder length and VERY thick! I also use a different shampoo every time I shampoo and I only use the best smelling more expensive products. I’m sure the answer is no more WET HAIR bun!
    I look forward to your response..thanks for well!!
    P.s..I Did try the baking soda route and it didn’t really seem to help! I live in Pennsylvania U.S.A. I’m not sure how or where to even but tea tree oil. How do you apply the oil to the scalp without the hair sucking it up? I’m sure I’ll have a few more it’s awesome to have someone who’s done the research to help with these problems and who’s going to be a cosmotologist. The ladies at the hair salon when asked questions like this look at you like you’re crazy and lead you to the most EXPENSIVE product they’re representing and they end up not working! I don’t mind spending the money ONLY if it works! Thanks again.

    • hello Maureen, I’m not going to lie to you, but from what you’ve told me, you are definitely suffering from a fungal issue, and the first thing you need to start using is a quality tea tree oil shampoo, the only brand I trust, use and recommend is Paul Mitchell , and to add more to your hair’s health and vitality, you have to start applying vinegar rinse, just look in my website, I’ve posted many articles on the subject.

  16. Hi I’m 32 and for past 3 years my hairs just seems to fall out excessively. I run my fingers through my hair and I will have a handfull. There are no bald patches etc yet. But I’m very worried of losing my hair. Help Please.

    • I know what you are dealing with, I’ve had the same issue about four years ago and I can assure you that you can completely get rid of it, first of all, you need to take good care of your diet, avoid dairy products as much as possible while also focusing on whole and organic foods, especially dark green leafy vegetables, the second thing is to start applying minoxidil, it is very powerful and will stop hair loss.

  17. Hi Chris
    I’m a 28 old year female with medium hair length. Around 8 months bbacki moved to US from India and my hair is falling drastically ever since. I’ve tried using selson, lemon juice, dove shampoo, over night oiling (olive). Nothing seems to help. Im taking biotin supplement these days.. No change so far. The drain is full of falling hair when I wash them. They have become super dry as well. The dandruff just wouldn’t go. It is smelly. And my scalp hurts very bad. I’ve no clue what to do and I’m in wrecks big time. Please help me.

    • Wow! Even after using biotin you can’t stop hair loss?! This is really strange, in my opinion, you are definitely eating something that’s really harming your body tremendously! If I were you, I would first consult a doctor and then go back to my traditional diet because this is probably the main reason for your hair loss troubles, you changed your diet completely! You should go back to eating more nutrients and antioxidants while avoiding the Western diet as much as possible, I am a Westerner and I avoid it! It is the worst thing for the hair.

      • Hi Chris
        Thanx for sharing all your experience & vital information with us, as we very much appreciate it & need your help.
        I also wanted to share with you something similar what happened to me like Simba. I lived in India and already had minor hair loss issue & later moved to New Zealand where all of a sudden within few days had a tremendous hair loss & hair thinning problem, the drain was full of hair after shampoo. The diet was the same as earlier. It might seem amusing but the problem i suspect was either of the 2, variation in water or the dairy products. Since NZ is a volcanic mineral rich land & so is the water which caused loss due to excessive minerals. My diet did consist limited quantity of dairy products (milk, butter, cheese) which was the same as in India. One another reason on a contrary could also be loss of nutrients & vitamins intake to the body.
        Kindly provide your comments.

        • Hello, all the reasons you have provided many completely be valid, but don’t forget that if you are a man, hair loss may occur due to genetic factors as well, I would highly recommend that you check your scalp thoroughly and see if hair loss is caring all over your head, if it is just in the crown area, the middle, then it is genetic, and the best thing you can do is to use minoxidil.

  18. Hi Chris,
    I’m suffering this bledy smelly scalp with dandruff past two years.I have been to doctor and they gave different kinds of treatments.nothing helped.then I went to dermatologist.same story.I used neuTsal,selson blue,tar,nizoral and sebizol..etc…nothing works for me.I’m so frustrated as u noticed my hair falling last 4months.I had lot hair now it’s falling everyday lot lot lot..having shower everyday and after 4 or 5hours smell starts from my scalp.having lot dandruff too. Is there any tablets to use?like yeast defence? Please help me with this and cure…thanks…

    • Hello, so sorry for the delay, I was very busy with my work. As you may already guess, this website is just a hobby, but I’m trying to help people as much as possible with the limited time I have.

      I’m so sorry to hear about your condition, have you tried garlic oil? If not, you should give it a go, it can help us when, however, I’m worried that Neutrogena T/Sal didn’t work with you, it is one of the best shampoos you can use! Try using garlic oil and keep in touch, tell me about your progress and let me help you.

  19. what kind or brand that lavender oil works?is it those essential oil? thanks. my scalp getting smelly out of sudden recently 🙁 sad

    • Hello, I’m sorry for the delay, I was very busy with my work. As you may already guess, this website is just a hobby, but I’m trying to help people as much as possible with the limited time I have.

      Any lavender oil we do, as long as it is organic. And one more thing, use the advice in this post, it will help you get rid of your smelly scalp very quickly.

  20. Mercedes says:

    Hi Chris,
    Ive noticed in the past months my scalp has a funny smell. It itches also, I rub my fingertips…..ugh…I hate It. I wash my hair every day. Tried everything, what do you recommend??

  21. Hi Chris,
    First of all thank you for putting up this page. I got this smelly scalp condition earlier this year. I researched like a mad woman, trying to find a cure these past few months and I’ve tried anything and everything I came across. I tried all of your recommendations, but nothing seemed to work. One thing I did realize from my research is that there is no “one cure” that works across the board. I came across many shampoos and natural remedies that worked for some people, but they did not work for me. But one thing I can finally say is, don’t give up! Keep trying and I promise you will find something that works for you. With that being said, I just wanted to add a remedy that seems to have finally worked for me in the hopes that it may work for someone else: yogurt + mustard oil. Warm up (homemade or greek) yogurt (the older the better) and mix in some mustard oil. Apply it to scalp. Cover head with a cloth and keep the mixture on for 20 minutes. Rinse out properly, you can even use some shampoo (of your preference) to get the mixture out. Do this for 3-4 days. After completing this course, apply natural henna to your scalp. I won’t get into the science behind these three ingredients I have mentioned, but if you research the properties of these ingredients it makes sense as to why this remedy works, scientifically speaking. I hope someone will find this information useful.

    • thanks a lot for your valuable information, I hope many readers will use your advice.

  22. The issue is coming from internal most likely which is an overgrowth of yeast or candida. This same overgrowth will cause toenail fungus and scalp fungus.
    It’s another option to tackle. Sugar is a big flare for the itch. The big issue is the balance of good bacteria being disrupted possibly from overuse of antibiotics.

    A chlorine filter is beneficial as well to control the fungal growth.

    An anti candida diet will be the way to go with internal anti fungal treatment like oil of oregano etc.

    I could go for hours on this stuff but there are great resources out there.

    • thanks so much for the information, please post more valuable comments, they would help many of us here.

  23. Hi Chris. I got hospitalized for four days and was not able to wash my hair within that period. I never had smelly scalp but until now which is almost three weeks after my surgery, though I wash my hair well with an anti-dandruff shampoo, the unpleasant smell just won’t go away. Help me please…

    • I’m so sorry!
      Please, just use the advice in this post, it will help you tremendously.

  24. Hi Christ, first of all, THANK YOU for sharing these amazing recommendations; we all need your help! I’m 32 years old and have super curly hair, I use gel and hair spray to control the friz, but I have noticed that my hair gets sweaty, really smelly, and itchy even after I wash it. I’m a senior director and have to go to various job functions with that uncomfortable smell. What can I do to stop the smell without giving up my gel? Thanks!

    • Hello Rosie, thank you so much for your nice words. You can certainly use a mixture of two drops of tea tree oil with one drop of peppermint oil and one teaspoon of almond oil, massage your scalp thoroughly and leave this mixture for about twenty minutes, then rinse with your usual shampoo, it will get rid of the smell very quickly.

  25. Hey Chris!

    I suffer from smelly scalp due to poor hygiene. I used to hate washing my hair. And I probably didn’t washed it for several years, I didn’t even shower my hair with water. And then after a few years, I realised that my scalp stinks pretty bad. Now, my scalp will start to stink after a few hours of washing my hair. I’ve used these treatments – Jason Dandruff Shampoo, Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar – and it all didn’t worked. I was wondering if you could advise me on what I should do to stop the smell! Thanks in advance!

    • Hello,
      From what you have said, it seems that your scalp has developed yeast problems, unfortunately, using homemade recipes for treating such a huge problem is simply inefficient, you need to see a dermatologist as soon as possible.
      Usually, I would recommend using tea tree oil in moderation, two or three drops a day mixed with jojoba or castor oil, but in your case, better be safe, go check with your doctor, you can never be sure of what is going on in your scalp!

  26. Hi Chris, I’ve had a smelly scalp for more then a year now. I use the t-sal shampoo every other day when I wash my hair. The smell isn’t from not washing my hair enough because I used to wash it every day and it still smelled bad. A few hours after washing my hair it starts to smell bad and if I go 3-4 days without washing my hair it starts to smell like yeast. I went off gluten for 2 months but the smell didn’t go away! I’ve recently has some scalp build up too. Should I keep using the t-sal shampoo? Or should I try something else? Thanks(:

    • Hi Lexi, I’m so sorry to read about your condition.
      Your shampoo isn’t the solution, I think you are suffering from candida! A friend of mine used to have horrible smell all over her body, when she tackled this issue, it disappeared.
      I’m not sure, but there is a great possibility that getting rid of candida maybe the solution.
      Other than this, you should start massaging your scalp with a mixture of one tea spoon of jojoba or castor oil and two drops of tea tree oil, for one week, it will reduce the smell.
      After this, start consuming more fibers in your diet, you are probably suffering from constipation from time to time, I guess, because they too contribute greatly to a smelly scalp.
      These are some suggestions I know will help you, and please, if you need more help, don’t hesitate to post another comment.

  27. THe Solution Is To Identify The Organisms Responsible. Doctors Fail To Do This. It may Due To Bacteria Or Fungus. Found My Prob To Bacteria From Personal Investigation As A Microbiologist, So Antifungals Did Not Work. Selsun 1% Worked For A While But Stopped When I Noticed Thinning And Colour change. The Condition Returned In A Month, Tried The Delaine Again No Luck, The Bacteria Developed Resistance. Now I’m Investigating Other Products To See What Works.

  28. Delaine Should Be Selsun….My Smart Phone….sigh

  29. Hi Chris, I was wondering if this will work for me. I’m an 48 year old black woman and I have lost a lot of hair and the smell has gotten worst to the part it has ruined my life for almost the pass 10 years. No dating, socializing, going out unless I have for work or shopping. I use to have long beautiful reasonably thick hair pass my shoulders(all mine). Now it’s very thin and smelly. I have to wash it daily if I’m going out. Just is not good for African Americans because our her is naturally drier than other nationalities. I know this but my hair has never been like your typical African American hair. I have gone to the doctor for other things thought to be causing the smell. Never in a million years thought that yeast or rather a fungus causing all of this. I’m miserable. I guess it would help to tell you exactly what’s the condition of my hair for you to tell what would work best for me…..sorry. My hair is a mixture of things. It’s dry, itchy, different lengths from breakage, thinning badly in my opinion, smelly and has no shine anymore. Also I dye it or put a rinse in it because I’m not ready to accept my grey hair that’s coming in yet… Where do I start to get rid of this smell and not only repair and rebuild my hair,but my life. Please help. This is my last hope for happiness.

    one more thing. Since this is all new to me, could you tell me everything I should do from oils combos, vitamins and shampoos/conditioners. As well as doses. Thanks so much. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

    • Hi Debbie.
      Where to start? I need to be frank with you, it seems that not only a fungus has spread in your scalp, but stress has also made a negative effect on your health and looks.
      My first advice is to go throw this post again and again, my second advice is to check other posts on this website about natural essential oils for the scalp, they will help you tremendously.
      and the final advice is to start applying vinegar rinse daily, again, look for it on my website, it is very efficient against such conditions.
      Good luck.

  30. My boyfriend has very oily hair and needs daily washing can t sal be used daily?

  31. Hi there.. I’ve been suffering from a smelly scalp since birth! What shoul i doooo… I’m 17 y.o now.. So its like 2 decades and two! What should i doooo

    • You need to check the information given in this post, they’re more than enough to get rid of your problem, check also the comments, they can help you as well.

  32. i am facing this problem from the last few month, but couldnt get any solution so i am writing to you, my scalp smells a lot even after daily shampoing plus i have a lot of dandruff and hair fall.
    please help, i have use lot of stuff bt the result is zero.

    • You seem to be having an issue with fungus, that’s just a guess, but to make things safe for you, why not try to apply a vinegar rinse, it may help you feel an almost immediate relief.

  33. Have a question about lemon juice, is that a good remedy also? Saw an article about it in men’s journal, but was a bit curious. See I shower everyday, but still can not get rid of that smelly scalp. Please help!!!

  34. hello, do you use tea tree oil and the jojoba with the Free and Clear shampoo? Or shampoo first then use the mixture? I wash my hair, I use salon shampoo and conditioner and hours later have a yeast smell. It’s horrible. I see Queen Helene has a jojoba hot oil, is that good to mix or what kind? Can I mix garlic oil in too?

    • Don’t shampoo and use the oils, one solution at a time, that’s why your scalp smells bad! Use the oils before going to bed, when you wake up, shampoo to clean everything.

  35. hi, i have hairfall problem from the past 2years, used a lot of stuff but found no result, also my scalp smells a lot. please help

  36. I notice a very common theme and it’s why so many of you will not see many results, if any positive changes at all period. 99% of you are focusing on the outside and the scalp while ignoring what’s going on inside.

    I believe that the vast majority of scalp odour problems are due to an overgrowth of yeast or bacteria inside the body / intestinal tract and the smell is compounded when you sweat or spend time in a warm or stressful environment. I think the body uses the scalp surface area to get rid of the toxins, that in itself creates a smell to warn you that something needs to be changed and then stress + sweat simply makes the bacteria or fungus grow more.

    In order to tackle this problem, you will need to change your diet to a healthier one, increase the level of vegetables and greens you eat or drink, reduce the amount of refined sugar you have in your diet.

    Some of you may see benefit from taking supplements such as Zenulife Xbiotic, probiotics such as Thorne Bacillus Coagulans, drinking greens such as Vitamineral or Inliven probiotic Superfood, consuming organic coconut oil (I’d recommend one infused with fermented Cod / Skate liver oil and butter oil), eating kefir or natural yogurts and drinking vegetable smoothies that you made with a blender.

    Only while tackling your diet should you then go the shampoo route. Think about it, why would your scalp suddenly smell even after it’s just been washed?

    Also I would advise you all look into Iodine levels but the scope of correctly supplementing Iodine is beyond this. In some rare cases, the smell is caused by a local infection that is unrelated to anything internal and in those cases, shampoo will cure it but in most other cases, you are treating an internal problem with an external solution and wondering why the result is either temporary or completely ineffective.

    • Thanks a lot for clarifying this, I’m sure people will love it a lot, sorry for taking this long to publish it, as you may probably know, I do this only a few days a week, I have to go to work 🙂

      • You’re welcome!

        I had the problem before and completely eradicated it. At first I tried practically every shampoo type mentioned here, antibacterial shampoos, anti-fungal shampoos and they only worked temporarily. One day I tried an Xbiotic supplement (1 capsule) and the problem was reduced by the next day by about 50%.

        That was when I knew 100% that the problem was internal. Taking Xbiotic or other supplements won’t be enough on its own though. It is quite difficult to pinpoint exactly what got rid of it completely but I think the Iodine was a big part of it as well. I also believe foods that can help with blood glucose levels plays a part (Cinnamon, pref Ceylon).

        So to summarize, reduce or eliminate your consumption of refined sugars and replace them with healthier alternatives. Be mindful of your blood glucose levels. Make sure you are always hydrated, increase the level of fresh / steamed vegetables you eat on a daily basis. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy alternatives. Check out iherb or mynaturalmarket.

        Get your Iodine levels checked (Iodine loading test), or begin with 1/2 a Kelp (Country-life) a day.

        Lugols Iodine 5% is the best but not recommended to try without a lot of research first, reactions and detox can be serious and you can get thyroid problems or you may have an unknown thyroid issue such as Hashimotos. Try not to eat too much natural sugars as well, slow burning carbs may be better.

        Other green supplements to consider drinking are Garden Of Life Perfect Food, Inliven or Deep Green Alkalising Superfood. Vitamineral Earth may be worth looking into as well but I’m yet to try it.

        Keep active, keep positive if you can. Use shampoos to aid alongside the internal treatment once you know tackling it from the inside is working.

        If you take any vitamin supplements, try using the food based ones as opposed to synthetics. For example ones from the Synergy company, Garden Of Life Raw or New Chapter. These vitamins are made from a type of Yeast that is grown (usually hydroponically) in a bed of synthetic USP minerals, once those minerals are taken into the Yeast, they are no longer synthetic. Although not completely natural, I believe they are better than synthetics that may not be recognised by the body.

        The reason why I think Iodine is a major key is partly due to its very wide ranging affect on fungus, bacteria, and other microorganisms such as amoebas. One of the best Iodine discussions Ive seen is from a 400 page thread over at Marksdailyapple, Google ”iodine anyone?Marksdailyapple thread” to find it. The important factor with Iodine is to begin very slowly and to ensure you have the required co factors (Selenium, Magnesum, Vitamin C) but there is much more to it. Read the thread!

        Report back here after a month or when / if you see any results.

  37. Chris. I have a similar issue, but am not sure your methods will work for me without tweaking. I am a woman of color, so as you know I CANNOT wash my hair every day. I believe at one point it WAS stress, now I believe it’s my scalp sweating after a good workout. I haven’t been blow drying it after my workouts and now I have awful smelly scalp 🙁 I have used Neutrogena in the past and it helped, but my question is THIS….I don’t believe that I can go without oiling my scalp…or can I? maybe the issue is also that I’m over oiling my scalp. I was using the Clear scalp & hair which took care of my “dandruff”/dry scalp issues, but did NOT eliminate the stinky scalp (I believe it was once the stress got too overwhelming). so I went back to the peppermint shampoo and conditioner I get at the health food store, but it only really seemed to help the smell…with both, I would blow dry my hair after and oil my scalp with unrefined, certified organic, cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil. none of it seems to be working. Since the smelly scalp issue, I’ve noticed that I get patches of flakes encrusted in spots or flake that look almost like scales in my scalp and my head itches badly..and not all over it either. mostly in the crown and back of my head in the corners by my nape. I read that an oily scalp will emit odor when the oil is excessive. anyhoo, I think I shall try the Neutrogena then lavender oil and see what happens. I just don’t want to be foul about the head….it also makes me self conscious and my sweetheart LOVES to bury his face in my hair….can’t let him if it’s stinky. Any additional advice?

    • I’m really sorry, but you have listed almost every technique I know when it comes to a smelly scalp, if they don’t work with you, this means one thing, your scalp is in need of professional help, you should seriously think about visiting a dermatologist because I feel unable to help you!

  38. I’ve had this problem before and found that simply using Head & Shoulders did the trick! Left it in for about 5 mins like you said and the smell had gone afterthe first couple washes.

  39. Hi Chris! I want to make a homemade garlic oil. Is it okay to use common cooking oil like coconut or palm oil instead of olive oil? Olive oil is very expensive here. Have a good day! Thanks!

    • Any oil, fatty substance, will do, but olive oil is very rich and helpful for your hair and scalp.

  40. Hi Chris~
    I started getting this odd smell from my scalp about 1-2 years ago and I ignored it thinking that the smell would go away. But it only got worse…for the past 8 months it’s been smelling like some pungent, wet dog smell just minutes after taking a shower. My scalp also gets really greasy. My plan is to stop using Pantene and try a sulfur-based shampoo as mentioned in your article but I was wondering…should I use tea tree oil + lavender oil mixed together after I take a shower or before taking a shower?

    • Use them when your hair and scalp are completely dry, leave them twenty minutes and then rinse.