Itchy scalp with no dandruff, causes and remedies

If you are suffering from an itchy scalp with no dandruffs, then you need to read this post because I’m going to reveal to you the main causes and also the remedies you can use to help your condition dramatically.

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The first reason why you may have an itchy scalp with no dandruffs is because of a fungal disease.

scalp-hair2011Most of the time, having a fungal disease in your scalp is going to result in some sort of dandruffs, but in many conditions, you will not get them!

It is very important to clean your pillow, clothes, and even stop using your usual shampoo.

Because all these may be contributing to the spread of harmful funguses on your scalp and increasing the itchy sensation.

An amazing way to help you stop the itchy feeling is to use tea tree oil.

Tea tree oil is probably one of the best oils you can use for healing and helping your itchy scalp, especially if you do not have any dandruff.

it is because tea tree oil has a very soothing effect as it contains high amounts of anti-inflammatory molecules, these chemicals are the ones responsible for soothing your itchy scalp and also helping you feel at ease and calmer.

The next reason why you may have an itchy scalp but no dandruffs is having dry skin.

There are many causes for having a dry skin, among which is sun exposure, changes in temperature, related to air conditioning, and washing your hair too often with aggressive chemicals!

In other words, your scalp is lacking water and essential oils that protect it.

These are the main causes for having dry skin, however when it comes to moisturizing your skin and increasing its water content, you need to apply natural oils.

Again, use tea tree oil, it is not only very soothing for your itchiness, it is also very helpful for maintaining a healthy scalp because it will preserve moister by creating a protective layer in your scalp and it is also going to get rid of the germs and yeast that are colonizing it and preventing it from working efficiently.

The next cause is using hot water.

I’ve had the same condition happening to me some three years ago, I was feeling the extreme itchiness on my scalp, and yes, I didn’t have any dandruff!

After checking with the dermatologist, he confirmed that my scalp was so completely normal and that I wasn’t having any infection, so I started looking at what I was doing wrong, and suddenly it hit me! I was using hot water every morning for washing my hair!

When I began using lukewarm water, the itchiness disappeared completely and I was getting a cleaner and shinier hair because first of all the water did not burn my scalp and the second reason was that warm water was keeping the good oils in my hair and scalp undamaged.

The next cause may be the water you are washing your hair with.

In many cities, chlorinated water is used extensively.

Chlorine is an aggressive chemical that can get rid of the natural oils and fats in your scalp and hair and it can also irritate sensitive skin, this will deprive your scalp from these protective elements, which on the long run are going to make your scalp extremely dry.

This dryness is going to cause extreme itchiness and also a bad sensation, most people are going to describe this feeling as “tightness”.

Another important reason for having an itchy scalp but with no dandruffs is using harsh chemicals.

For example, there are many shampoos and conditioners, and also dyes, that are going to contain harsh chemicals which are going to damage and break the fats molecules in your scalp, this is going to make your scalp extremely vulnerable and itchy.

The best way to get rid of the itchiness in your scalp is to apply healthy natural oils, and the best one in my opinion is tea tree oil, it is not only very soothing, it is also extremely nutritious for your hair and available in most stores.

What I really enjoy about tea tree oil is the fact that I can use it every day and get amazing results every single time, however you should be very careful , especially the first time as you may be allergic to it, that is why I recommend that you apply only a small amount and see what reaction you will get, if your scalp feels great, then you should keep using it.

Two drops a day mixed with one teaspoon of olive oil or jojoba oil are more than enough to give you amazing results.

These are the most known causes and remedies for an itchy scalp with no dandruffs, if you know other ones, please share them in a comment.


  1. So, I guess I have a fungus on my scalp, can you suggest a useful drug?

    • The best thing I can suggest you is to apply the tips mentioned in the article, especially using vinegar to soothe your scalp and help reduce your dandruff, you must also use tea tree oil, it is amazing for reducing fungus and getting rid of it.

  2. I’ve just read your article on dry scalp and I would like to thank you for your helpful tips on how to ease the itchiness. Thank you very much.

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