How to use peppermint oil for hair growth

Peppermint oil is rapidly becoming one of the most efficient and useful essential oils for treating scalp problems and improving hair growth, it is an excellent natural fatty substance for rejuvenating hair follicles and increasing healthy hair growth, it is very hypoallergenic, this means that it will not cause allergic reactions.

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Of course, there are many other uses of peppermint oil, here are the main ones:

The first use of peppermint oil for hair growth is in stimulating scalp health

Peppermint oil is extremely rich in essential fatty acids and essential nutrients and antioxidants that are going to stimulate your scalp’s health, they are going to get rid of yeast colonies and also help your scalp stay “clean” from dandruff and inflammations, it is used as an excellent freshener because of its coolant effect, it is going to keep your scalp refreshed and also smelling extremely nice all day long.

The next use of peppermint oil for hair growth is in keeping dandruff away.

I’m sure that you already know that dandruff are bad for hair growth!

It’s because they are going to clog your hair follicles and make your hair grow extremely thin, slow and weak, with time and harsh conditions and pollutants in the environment, your hair is going to keep falling down and soon, your hair follicles are going to be exhausted!

They are going to stop producing healthy hairs strands!

This is why so many men and women suffer from hair loss!

Peppermint oil is one of the best ingredients to use for getting rid of dandruff, as it will get rid of yeast colonies and other germs that are causing it in the first place.

The next use of peppermint oil is in keeping bugs and germs away!

Peppermint oil is also very useful for getting rid of head lice, I’m sure that most of you do not suffer from such a problem, but your scalp is certainly going to have important bacterial colonies that are simply making it extremely weak and defenseless!

By applying peppermint oil for three consecutive days, your scalp is going to rejuvenate and get back its health and defensive abilities quickly again.

The next benefit is in balancing the pH level of your scalp.

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Your scalp’s pH level is extremely important for keeping it moisturized and healthy, if it decreases, your scalp is going to become extremely acidic and very dry, that is why peppermint oil is used as a very efficient coolant and dry scalp remedy.

Now, let’s talk about how peppermint oil can help your hair growth.

First of all, peppermint oil is going to rejuvenate and stimulate your hair follicles and will help your hair grow rapidly by increasing your hair follicles’ activities and also shielding them from germs and yeasts, on the long run, this is going to make your hair follicles live longer and also be more productive.

Peppermint oil will coat and protect your hair roots and improve your scalp’s health, by increasing blood flow and healthy blood circulation, this is going to increase hair growth dramatically.

How to use peppermint oil for hair growth?

If you start applying this very easy recipe, you are going to get amazing hair growth very quickly.

First of all, I need to warn you that peppermint oil, although very efficient, can be very irritating to your scalp and may even cause inflammations if applied in excess!

Because it’s a very powerful essential oil, which is why you have to avoid using it directly on your scalp, it must be diluted.

In other words, you need to mix it with other very efficient ingredients to increase its benefits and lower its side effects.

Here are the ingredients you are going to need:

One teaspoon of vitamin E, you can buy vitamin E oil from Amazon, it’s not expensive at all, four tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil, one teaspoon of castor oil, half a teaspoon of peppermint oil and one teaspoon of tea tree oil.

Melt the coconut oil in a very clean saucepan, use very low heat, then add your vitamin E oil, let the liquid melt and get homogeneous, then add the remaining oils, you should turn off the heat now.

Stir until the liquid is completely homogeneous, then let it cool down for at least two hours.

Every day, apply this amazing peppermint oil recipe to your scalp for a minimum of fifteen days and it will make your hair look amazingly beautiful, silky and grow much more rapidly.

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If you know other recipes for using peppermint oil for hair growth, please share them in a comment.


  1. I have to say that peppermint oil sounds really fantastic, I will use it and report back.

    • Thank you for your comment, please do.

    • Sandra Powell says:

      Does the recipe mix have to be refrigerated

      • No, but you have to use it within one week, remember that it contains an essential oil that can spoil rapidly, also, don’t forget to close the lid every time.

    • When I have a headache…I can’t use most over the counter/ prescribed meds because of severe allergies. I apply peppermint oil to forehead and temples and apply a cold washcloth to forehead and lay down. Gone before you know it. Plus the smell relaxes you. 💕😁💕

    • Is this recipe not advisable for thin , oily hair are there some oils that can be taken out to make it more suitable if so ?

      • Hi, i accidently used too much peppermint oil on my scalp last night right after i washed it. It was very cooling but gave me a little headache, but my skin seems fine today. Should i wash my hair or can i leave it in untill my next wash? I wash it only once per week. It doesnt look greasy or anything. I dont feel like washing it. What should i do?

    • I think I have alopecia but waiting to be diagnosed by practitioner. Been Gradually getting bald patches and thinning hair for 3/4 years now. spending a lot of money on treatment that are not working. Spent £40 last week on 101G hair tonic and my hair has been balding even more so have now stopped using it! Going to try the peppermint oil treatment – nothing to lose now. Depressed in London

    • Tyra Stone says:

      Hello when I use peppermint oil, I apply it to my scalp in leave it on. Is it Safe to leave it on with out damage

  2. I think that peppermint oil is very beneficial for hair growth, and although you don’t mention it a lot, I started using it with my hair growth mixture, what do you think? Thanks again Chris for all your help and good work.

    • Yes, peppermint oil can be very beneficial for hair growth and you did the right thing, but you have to be careful not to add a lot, especially if you want to mix it with tea tree oil and other natural oils, it can be irritating for your scalp.

  3. Peppermint oil is awesome, I use when I do a co-wash…I use marroco conditioner, jojoba oil, and peppermint oil and it amazing…leaves my hair feeling and smelling great!!!!!

  4. hlw chris .. i have done rebonding in my hairs bt m suffering frm dryness and roughness in my hair wht should i do need ur help .. n hair growth also affected by rebonding 🙁

    • Hi, please post your question? I don’t understand what do you mean!

    • Pari charhatkar says:

      Cold pressed pure coconut oil 1 tablespoon , pure sweet almond oil 1 table spoon, olive oil one tablespoon ,half spoon vitamin E oil, 3-4 drops rosemary essential oil , 4-5 drops of peppermint oil ……. Apply this mixture before every hair wash for atleast 2-3 hours or overnight , after applying this use a showercap or plastic bag, limit your washes, wash hair only 2-3 times a week, eat healthy, take multivitamins, and use less products, use sulphate n paraben free shampoo and conditioner…..

      • Black hair needs the oil should not be washing our hair frequently as it dries it out. If you are of black ethnic I would advise you to leave the oils in your hair. You need to massage your scalp daily with this oil to see the benefits. DO NOT WASH OUT and sleep with a satin scarf

  5. I mix peppermint oil with jojoba pil and vegetable glycerin. I put it in a small bottle and shake it really well: the bottle usually last between 1 and 1 &1/2 months depending on how liberally I use it.
    Ps….it treats the ezcema that flares up on my scalp when dry and soothes my skin nicely. Thanks for this write up.

  6. Is it something you leave in or do you wash it out?

    • Hello, I’m sorry for the delay, I was very busy with my work. As you may already guess, this website is just a hobby, but I’m trying to help people as much as possible with the limited time I have.

      You should not leave it for a long time, do not exceed forty-five minutes, then, you need to shampoo your hair.

  7. rochelle says:

    Can I leave tea tree oil and coconut oil in my hair all day every day

  8. I like to mix peppermint oil and tea tree oil in a spray bottle with water. The bottle is 4 oz. and I use 4 to five drops of each oil. I spray this mix on my scalp every morning. It cleanses my scalp and is a great anti-bacterial. I have not experienced any irritation or adverse affects and it removed my dandruff for good. I have very kinky hair and I shampoo once a month so that my hair doesn’t get too dry. It keeps my scalp nice and fresh until each wash. It also gives me about 3/4 an inch to an inch of growth each month. I recommend completely!!!

  9. Thanks for your advice. Peppermint oil has started working for me with just six times of application. I have been having hair fall ever since I had my first child. Sixteen years now. Will try your recipe now. Are there any specific shampoos and conditioners you would suggest?

  10. elizabeth meyer says:

    I just mixed 3T aloe Vera gel ( from my own plant) with half a cup of distilled water and 6 drops peppermint oil after reading how good aloe vera so for the scalp as well. Do you think this is a good mixture? Can I use this as a conditioner?

    • No, you can’t use it as a conditioner because it contains a lot of peppermint oil! One drop should be more than enough.

  11. Hi, I think this is an amazing post. Can I still use
    this mixture if I have in braids or twists? If I prepare it and put it in an applicator bottle and oil my hair everyday with it?

  12. Hello,
    Is there a reason you use heat other than to melt the coconut oil? Is it possible to use fractionated coconut oil and omit the heating step?

  13. I mixed the ingredients in your recipe exactly. I would like to use it each evening after I get home from work. Can you please tell me how much of the mixture I should put on my scalp each evening? I have fine hair but lots of it and it’s shoulder length. Thank you for your help and the time you take to help others!

  14. Hey Chris, I am really glad I found this. I got fringe done and since then my hair has started thinning at the front… 🙁 what is the exact recipe of tea tree, peppermint and olive oil? (only want to use them three, to avoid confusion) 😉 how long should I leave it for in my hair and how many times in a week? Thank you very much and really appreciate ur time and efforts u put in to help people 🙂 bless ya !!!

    • One drop tea tree oil, one drop peppermint oil and two teaspoons olive oil, leave it for 15 minutes max, you can use this recipe a maximum of three times a week.

      • Thanks much appreciate!!

      • Tawana Cole says:

        I have been using castor oil peppermint oil olive oil rosemary oil. I apply it to my scalp three times a week and I don’t wash it out… I’ve been using it for 3weeks but it seems as though I’m getting more shedding. Please give your opinion

  15. Frank martinez says:

    “One teaspoon of vitamin E, you can buy vitamin E oil, four tablespoons of coconut oil, one teaspoon of castor oil, half a teaspoon of peppermint oil and one teaspoon of tea tree oil.
    Melt the coconut oil in a very clean saucepan, use very low heat, then add your vitamin E oil, let the liquid melt and get homogenous, then add the remaining oils, you should turn off the heat now.
    Stir until the liquid is completely homogenous, then let it cool down for at least two hours.”

    my question can i heat up the coconut oil in the microwave? and once the mixture is done do i put it in a bottle to use every day until it runs out? and also
    can i put it on in the shower everyday after or before shampoo? and finally is 10 to 15 minutes on the scalp enough time for it to have any effect?

    • Better make it twenty minutes on the scalp, and yes, you can use the microwave to heat the oil, put it in a glass container, and unfortunately, you cannot use it daily, it’s very powerful. Once every two days is more than enough and it’s also very safe.

  16. Can I just mix the peppermint oil with my regular conditioner and use it that way

  17. Hi, i’m going to try this recipe but I need to know do I put this mixture on my scalp like i’m greasing my hair and brush through? And also want it make my hair flat? When do I wash it out? Lot’s of questions???? lol.

  18. Since there are many products with 100% peppermint oil that permits usage without washing the product out, why should this recipe only stay in for 15 minutes. Peppermint oil with a carrier oil can be left on the scalp and hair for days at a time.

  19. Awesome post! 🙂
    Do you have a recipe for an overnight leave-in mix? Maybe the same recipe without the tea tree oil?

    • In order to make this recipe “overnight” friendly, you need to lower tea tree oil a little , It’s that simple.

  20. Hi Chris!
    Today is my first visit to your website.
    And I found it interesting too.
    Now comin to my hair issue…
    I have very silky hair and my single strands are so thin.
    I had very thick pony previously but since last 4-5 years after having typhoid my hair roots have become so weak. I guess I m suffering from Chronic TELOGEN EFFLUVIUM.
    It falls nearly 400 a day. sometimes even 800 after shampooing.
    when I pass my hand over my dry tresses definatly 3-5 hair comes out. It increases when I m stressed..
    I never comb my wet hair.
    Mostly when I comb my dry hair after shampooing… I use argan oil shampoo that is SLS free.
    I never do tight pony never even die my hair or use heat into my hair.
    During winter I get flaky n oily dandruff. Rest of the months I usually dont have dandruff.
    I dont feel it itchy.
    When i rub my scalp it comes into my nails n few are like granules attached to d tips of hair..
    messaging my scalp forces more hair to come out.
    So I simply put Rafael salgado extra virgin olive oil into my head widout any force.
    I know i m getting so lengthy bt i m worried…
    The newly growing hair is not that thick and black and falls out soon..
    It is getting miniaturised.
    No1 in my maternal or paternal family is bald… so hopefully its not genetic.
    Even till now I dont hav any patches. but I can see overall thinning of my hair.
    I request u to suggest me something that makes my hair strong from within d roots and stops my hairfall and enhances healthy growth…
    Minitiarisation is making me tensed as I know the roots will become dead soon if the follicle does not produces thick n black hair…
    plz reply soon…
    Also my scalp is a bit oily.
    Naturaly oil comes out if I skip washing my hair 3 days.
    but at the same time my hair is normal.
    If I use shampoo for oily hair it makes my hair a bit dry…
    If I rub lemon into my scalp then my hair looks voluminous after wash as it becomes bit dry…
    Hope u understand my hair type.
    I drink Apple cider vinegar and green tea to get rid of toxins.
    I m a girl ,24 years old
    sorry I dint mention that I m an Indian…
    Ur help in dis regard will be highly appreciated.

    • Hello, did you try the recipe in this post? It’s fantastic and will improve hair growth a lot. Now, let’s see what’s going on, you may be suffering from many things, but from your description, it looks like a thyroid issue, you’ve mentioned it in your comment, and it’s the one causing you all your hair troubles! I’m sorry, but you can’t do much about it for the moment, you need to recover and only a doctor can help you, you may be taking certain medications that have a negative effect on your scalp, just wait and things will clear out very soon, our body is genius at adaptation and recovery 🙂 Good luck

      • Thanks Chris for replying my query…
        But I guess you have misunderstood typhoid as thyroid.
        I had typhoid in 2010 and after 2-3 months the reports again came normal.
        Post typhoid I have heard of hairfall but how long…. can it be 4 years???
        My thyroid and other blood reports are normal.
        I m 51 kg and have 5’3″ height.
        No diabetes no thyroid.
        And dats my worry…
        I dont have any such disease that causes excessive hairfall then what is d reason??
        Y my roots are so weak ?

        • I’m sorry! I confused the two! Can you please send me an e-mail with a list of the symptoms you are suffering from? It would help me tremendously.

      • For thyroid issue, read Anthony William’s book: Medical Medium; Thyroid Healing. Very helpful author on healing chronic conditions of any kind.

  21. can i mix rosemary oil and peppermint oil into water for hair ?

    • Sorry! It will not help you.

      • For dreads the mix of tea tree, peppermint is great as daily leave in and biy tea tree shampoo from dollar tree. For some hair grows four inches a month and leaves hair soft, shiny and curly. There are other great oils, but these two are your power oils because they heal the scalp and strengthen hair.

  22. chris,

    “One teaspoon of vitamin E, you can buy vitamin E oil, four tablespoons of coconut oil, one teaspoon of castor oil, half a teaspoon of peppermint oil and one teaspoon of tea tree oil.”— Chris, I want to make a small smaller amount mixture of these oils. What are the proportions?

  23. I have gone through your olive oil ,tea tree oil and peppermint oil recipe..
    But what should I try particularly for my hair issue;i.e; weak hair roots,grainy dandruff attached to tip of hair shaft in winters,extreme hairfall and minitiaturised hair growth.
    Plz help me chris. I m so so so worried about my hair…

  24. hi chris, after reading this i want give a try , looking all over internet for peppermint oil..most sites showing peppermint essential oil , is tat ok? or i should go for pure peppermint oil?

  25. Hi Chris,

    I just found your website and I am very excited to try your recipe. I used to have very long, thick, and virgin hair. About two years ago I chopped it off and died it red. There was no damage to my hair after that, however, trying to
    get my hair back to its natural color is where I went wrong. I did box dies for awhile trying to maintain the dark brown and eventually it took its toll this last time I died my hair in December 2014. My hair has gotten very thin compared to what it used to be), my scalp gets itchy sometimes, and my strands are noticeably thinner at the root. I want to know if this will help revive my hair follicles and allow my strands to come in thicker? Is it possible that my hair will ever be back to what it was? I am also taking prenatal vitamins and biotin; will that help as well? I just started so I do not see any improvements yet. Thank you Chris, I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Don’t worry, your hair will look great again and soon, biotin is very helpful, and my advice is to stop messing with your hair and leave your scalp recover, it’s the best thing you can do.

  26. Hello Chris. For the past year I have struggled with my hair thinning and falling out. About two years ago (when I had long, thick locks) I cut my hair short and got it professionally colored. During that time my hair was still healthy and full. Once I was over the red color I bought drugstore dyes to dye my hair back to black. Because I became too paranoid of the red showing through, I over did it with the dying this past year. My hair isn’t dry and although it still has its shine, it is noticeably weaker. Will this formula help bring my hair back to life? I am planning to take special care of my hair for the next 6 months; no using hot irons or over-washing my hair. I had my doctor investigate my hair thinning just in case and health wise, I am perfectly fine. I take a taking prenatal vitamin once a day paired with with a biotin vitamin for the past week and I follow a decent diet; I want to know if after such damage if hair ever goes back to normal and back to its original thickness with extra care? I am truly excited to try your recipe though. However, are there any specific brands I need for these oils? How long and how often can I do this treatment on my hair? Thank you, I will truly appreciate the advice.

    • You need to use this treatment once every three days, for at least two months, and you plan is rock solid, you hair, with time, is going to look fantastic. No special brand 🙂

    • Hi Chris,
      Thank you for this awesome blog !
      My question would be what is a combination of oils that my dry scalp would benefit best, while also be color safe. I dye my hair cause of gray hair and want to keep it as long as i can. Thanks again, A

      • Almond oil is fantastic for dry and colored hair, but in general, any oil mixture you will use will have a negative effect on your color treated hair, so, be careful and don’t use a lot.

        • So can i use almond oil on scalp also ? My scalp became itchy after coloring, and have white flakes when i scratch. Can i pour a drop of pepermint oil on it ? How long to leave on before washing my head ? Thanks a lot ! A

          • Yes, you can use almond oil, but don’t use peppermint oil directly on your scalp, leave the mixture a minimum of thirty minutes.

  27. MaRva Thomas says:

    Hi Chris I started using your peppermint oil mixture on the of 11th of January, how long before I see any results?

  28. Hello chris, i really want to start this treatment as soon as possible but can i just use it without having to wash my hair immediately? Im not a fan of washing my hair daily, i prefer to do it weekly instead.

  29. Hi Chris..i liked your way of xplanation..i wanted to try peppermint oil..i heated mixture of 30ml of coconut oil 30ml of almond oil 15ml of oilve oil 30 ml of rosemerry henna oil and added 4 drops of peppermint oil after taking off from dis ratio OK to use for my hair? As i suffer hair fall and itchy dandruff scalp i dont want to tak risk..and how long shud i keep dis bfor hair wash? I will start using it once i knw it is in proper ratio..

    • It’s too much!! Just use the recipe in this post, it’s really good and it won’t cause you any harm to your scalp or hair.

  30. Hello! Ok, after reading all the comments so far, I am still confused as to how much of the recipe to use for an application. It just says apply. 1 tsp? More or less than that? Also you mentioned in one of your replies that it’s not ok for color treated hair. What is the negative effect? I get a foil weave every 2 months. Thanks. Look forward to your reply.

    • One more thing. If I can’t use this recipe because I color my hair can you recommend something else to try? I am losing my hair as I am getting older, using hormone replacement therapy, etc.

      • First, try to avoid coloring your hair, you can use henna, it’s very healthy and healing as well, then, let your hair and scalp recover a little, then you can use this recipe safely.

    • For color treated hair, the scalp may be a little damaged, that’s all there is, and yes, you can use one tsp, it’s good as well.

  31. Hi Chris,

    Can you please tell me how much of each oil I need to mix if I want to make this mask for one time use(my hair is falling beyond my shoulder).
    And I understand I have to keep the mask on for no longer then 40mins?

    Thank you

    • Right, no longer than forty minutes, just use the measurements in the recipe, as shown, you can cut the amounts in half.

  32. N. Brown says:

    I started your scalp recipe today. But do to some of the information I have gathered, I change from the tea tree oil to rosemary. I was afraid that I would use too much. Do you think that Rosemary is a good replacement?

  33. I just starting using the peppermint oil 3 days ago. I love buying different oils for my hair and mixing it together to see how my hair reacts to it. For almost a year now I have been trying to grow out my hair and I have been getting AMAZING results. I have very curly hair and it was heat damaged year but I took care of that thanks to my so called “hair crack” … These are the ingredients: 100% coconut oi, jojoba oil, argon oil, vitamin e oil, and peppermint oil. I put this all in a spritzer bottle with water she it up and spray it in my hair. Sometimes I add a moisterizer or leave in conditioner from Aphogee or the Argon Line or even from Dr . Miracles. Whichever moisterizer you’d like add it in and your hair should be feeling amazing and looking amazing within days. My hair has grown so much from this if you have any questions add me on Instagram: sexxieskittles or ask on my youtube page scorbratv

  34. elizabeth keyes says:

    Nothing i use grow my hair. Can u help me. Please!!

  35. Hello, I just discovered your website and even though this is the first post I read, I think you did a great job. I just cut my hair on the last day of the march break (about 1 week and 2 days ago) and I am trying to grow it back. I have healthy, thick hair and my hair used to be really long. I cut it a little longer than shoulder length. I don’t have rapid hair growth, it normally takes me 6 months for my hair back when i get it cut. I didn’t want to cut my hair but I had to get rid of the split ends. I want to grow my hair back but I’m not sure if this will be effective on my hair. I once bleached my hair before, but that was 4 years ago and I got the bleached area cut off and I didn’t bleach my hair near the roots. Do you have any other recipes for hair growth? And how long will it take for me to grow my hair up to waist length? And I also have really curly hair that twists in loose ringlets. Thanks.

    • Hello, hair growth depends largely on your scalp’s health and also on what you eat, try to add more nuts, especially almonds and walnuts to your diet, that’s how you will get amazing growth very quickly.
      You can use the recipe in this post, it’s more than enough.
      Good luck Sapphire and if you need more help, don’t hesitate to write me.

  36. Hi Chris, honestly you are doing a great job in answering every question asked. The challenge I have with my hair is the front edges. I decided to go natural(presently on locs) and I was advised to use castor oil,which I use every day. But I realised that it worsened my front hair. My hair is a 4c that is low porosity and I did a research over the internet and based on other women with 4c hair low porosity type,they complained that they also lost their front edges to castor oil. Now the mixture you presented includes castor oil and I’m scared. I heard peppermint essential oil is very good,so please recommend a good mixture for me and each measurement. Also, is it necessary to mix with shea butter and lastly,I need a mixture that I can leave in or what do you recommend. Thanks for taking out time to read this and I appreciate your response.

    Also Chris, if after all my explanations above,can I do a hot oil treatment with it? Cos you said after heating up,we should let it cool before applying it on the hair. Also I like to try henna on my hair too to colour it,but is it wise to use henna while using the peppermint mixture treatment. Also,remember am on locs! I also have almond oil so pls advise. Thank u

    • You definitely can, just don’t use high temperatures with your scalp, it will hurt it! Sure, one recipe is to use the following ingredients:
      one tablespoon olive oil, doesn’t matter the quality, two drops of peppermint oil and one teaspoon of almond oil, mist everything in a glass container and apply only to your scalp.
      Good luck

  37. Hi Chris and thanks for your response.What do you mean by I should mist the mixture into a glass? Also,u didn’t say if I can use sheabutter and if I can,what to mix with it. Also,u didn’t mention if I should add teatree essential oil to the mixture and pls a recipe will be fine. Thanks a lot

  38. Hello
    i am hoping you can give me some advise, my hear very kinky african hair is growing very weird even though i do not apply chemicals for the pass two year. the very top of my hair is longer than the sides where my temple are and to the back of my head. its like an inch long while the top is about 6 inches long.. am so frustrated and do not knw what to do can you please give me some advise. Leah

    • Why don’t you try this recipe and see for yourself? You can also add a tablespoon of coconut butter which is famous for helping African hair.

  39. Hey Chris,
    Thank you for this site. I wanna ask you, what your thoughts on mixing green tea to all these. I’ve seen it recommended quite a bit.

  40. Wonderful site! Can I just mix peppermint oil and almond oil? If so, how long would I leave it in? Do I have to wash my hair before AND after if I want to treat it at night before bed?

  41. Hi Chris,

    I’ve used a combo of coconut oil and peppermint oil, and it definitely improved the volume/diameter on the top of my head. I’m a man that has been suffering from slow recession (10+ years- I’m 34) in the front, forming a peak (looks like a V from the top), and the peak itself has been shedding recently due to extreme stress. Would you suggest adding something more to my current regimen to assist with the additional shedding that has occurred? And if you suggest vitamin E, how do I get it in a liquid form to mix it? Do I have to just break one of the capsules?

  42. How long should i leave it on my scalp for? and should i shampoo and condition when I’m washing it out?

  43. I found a recipe on Pinterest that recommends an apple cider vinegar rinse with essential oils added if do desired. I added rosemary, tea tree and peppermint at about 3-4 drops each to 6 ounce mixture of the vinegar and water and rinsed hair after “shampooing” with a no poo mixture of coconut milk and slie Vera gel. My question is should I have used less of the peppermint oil? Also I only have coconut oil and sweet almond oil in my house can I get the same results as your recipe by not using vitamin E oil and castor oil? I was considering just using the peppermint mixed with the coconut oil. I do have argan oil as well.

    • Yes, don’t use more than one drop, it’s very powerful, it a little difficult to get the same results, but you can try anyway, no harm.

  44. mollyhearley says:

    Can I subistute coconut oil and use argan oil instead?

  45. I’ve heard of people just adding a few drops to their everyday organic shampoo. Is this smart to do?

  46. Try this:
    Put on extra virgin olive oil about 2 hours before showering then about 30 min before showering put on a 2% mixture of peppermint oil mixed in castor oil.

    3 small peppermint bottles(.125 oz) added to 16 oz castor oil is 2.3%

    2.4% peppermint oil concentration was mentioned in a hair growth patent.

    3% was used in the mouse study:

  47. I have ras and my hair is getting very thin at the root can you give me a solution please

  48. Can I mix jojoba, peppermint, tea tree and coconut oils? Mine is dry and itchy scalp. I hav much hair fall. Could u plz tell the quantities of the mixture

    • Yes, you can, but you need to only add a drop of tea tree oil, one tbsp of jojoba, one drop peppermint and two large tbsp coconut oil.

  49. Hi Chris,
    Can castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil and peppermint oil be mixed together to grow thinning edges??? What do you suggest to promote growth for my edges???

    • I don’t think they’ll help you grow the edge of your hair, personally, I’d use minoxidil, faster and more convenient.

  50. Chris, thank you for posting this. My husband passed away 10 months ago and my hair began falling out by the handfuls. I have tried many things, but none of them worked until I tried this formula. In 3 weeks time, my hair has grown an inch and all the short hairs that were sticking up are beginning to grow as well. I am confident that soon I’ll have a full head of hair. Thank You!

  51. Hey Chris,
    I am 26 years old and for the past few months I have noticed my hair thinning out a lot, I even noticed like a bald spot on my receding hair line, I understand male pattern baldness runs in my family, I am concerned because I am only 26, do you think its worth trying?

    • No, sorry, it won’t help you that much, better use minoxidil and soon, otherwise you’ll lose half of your hair within the next two years!!

  52. Thanks for Response Chris,
    Do you think thats my only chance? Is there any other alternatives?

    • You can use the recipe in this post, but it won’t give you “amazing” results, if I were you, I’d use minoxidil, that’s my opinion.

  53. Hi Chris, is this safe to use on color treated hair? Thanks in advance

  54. I’ve read through all of these comments and it is all very informative. Thank you!

    I’m a 37 year old female and I’ve been experiencing hair thinning/loss and a receding hair line for two years. I currently take Biotin, but I’m not seeing results. I also use sulfate free shampoos and dye my hair.

    Here are my questions:

    What is minoxidil and how would this be utilized for thinning hair?

    What would be my best option for my condition?

    Also, how much peppermint oil would be added to a shampoo bottles? (ex: drops/ounce).

    Should I wash my hair before applying since I do have other hair products on my hair? (ex: mousse, hair spray, leave-in conditioner)

    Thank you so much!!!!!!

    • I suggest that you use the peppermint oil blend in this post, then you can give minoxidil a go, and yes, wash your hair first.

  55. Hi Chris, I found your post really helpful, my husband has been suffering from hair fall for quite some time now and he has dandruff too. Could you please let me know what kind of oil I should mix so that the dandruff is gone and the hair fall also reduces. He has silky hair and most of the hair is gone from the front. Thanks in advance.

    • He can try to use a vinegar wash, wonderful stuff for dandruff, he can also use the peppermint recipe in this post to increase hair growth.

  56. want to start trying this I have baby fine and thinning hair it doesn’t grow get one to two cuts a year . I get my hair permed once a year for volume . will this help with permed Hair

    • Most definitely, but in my opinion, you should check your diet too, this is probably the reason why you’re not growing thicker hair!

  57. Angela Cole says:

    Chris, thank you so much for your kindness in sharing your wealth of knowledge with us so freely! I’m learning about aromatherapy but still have alot of studying I must do. I have organic essential oils. My question is how much or how many drops of the essential oils would I use to convert to your recipe to stimulate hair growth, please? (I’m an African American female with naturally wavy hair.)

    • No need to use many oils, just peppermint, trust me, you’ll throw the others ones you see the results it will give you.
      Anyway, use a maximum of two to three drops a day on your scalp, not your hair, and you’ll definitely notice amazing growth 🙂

  58. surabhi kowthalAm says:

    Hey ! Can I use this with just olive oil ? I oil my hair once in 2 days. Leave it over night and wash it off the next day.
    I have fine and weak hair😕 my hairline is just decreasing day by day ! Please help !

  59. Diane Blackborough says:

    can I use this recipe with a derma stamp on my scalp?

  60. I recently had a lot of dandruff and my hair is about 8 inches long on the sides and short and thin like baby hair in the top the dandruff was thick like cradle cap what do you think help Chris

    • I think you have a fungus issue, better see a dermatologist, you can use a mix of olive oil, one tablespoon, and tea tree oil, four drops, daily for two weeks.

  61. I currently use a mixture of peppermint oil, lavender, cedarwood, rosemary, white thyme and frankincense added to almond or jojoba oil. This seems to not only promote hair growth but strengthen it and keep it from breaking so much. I usually leave this mixture on wrapped in a towel for 20 minutes a day. I think I’m going to try this though and see how it works, I will just need to pick up some tea tree oil. Do you have suggestions on where to get it in a large quantity without a large price? Thanks!

    • Not sure, but amazon offers great quality, don’t forget that you won’t need much, just some few drops a day, and it will become rancid quickly!

  62. Dear Chris,
    Can i use it for Alopecia as my brother has it for 4 years without solution at all.
    he has used minoxidil, cortisone and anthraline.
    he is now 16 years old and this affect his confidence as teenager. Could you give me your comment on this

  63. Hello Chris
    Indeed you have been a Gentleman and helping many with their concerns and taking time to answer to every query, which is highly appreciated!
    Since last 2 years i have been facing the same concerns. I am a 27 year old male. I mostly eat vegetarian food.
    To curb my hair loss, i used saw palmetto oil for 4 months, in the early days it made me shed a lot of hair, probably 100 strands a day or more. Later on the shedding reduced to 30-40. But still not very noticeable amount of hair growth.
    And i used to get the side effects of dizziness and headaches all day long.
    Prior to that I also used minox for 2 months, it played with my BP. And i used to have nausea and lack of concentration.
    So i have not been using anything since then.

    I am planning to go with your regime / recipe as i find it natural and no other chemicals, that would play with my head. However have few queries-

    1. I am planning to apply Aloe Gel every once a week and then rinse my hair.
    And your recipe thrice a week. I don’t think they would mingle or muddle up with each other ? What say ?

    2. In spite of adding castor oil, i was hoping to add olive oil. would that work ?

    3. Also I am planning to reduce the amount, if i would apply thrice or more. So what i am planning-
    1. 5 Drops of Vit E oil
    2. 18-20 Drops of Coconut Oil
    3. 4 Drops of Olive Oil
    4. 5 Drops of Peppermint Oil
    5. 3-4 Drops of Tea Tree Oil

    And is it necessary to wash the hair every time post this regime ?

    • Thanks a lot 🙂

      1. Aloe vera is great, use it.
      2. Sure, but not as effective.
      3. Don’t use too much, just stick to peppermint oil, it’s more than enough, you can wash it once every two days.
  64. Hi Chris, thanks for this post. I am facing problem of hair fall and dandruff and I could not found peppermint oil in any of my nearby stores. Can I use Peppermint and Tea leafs and boil in microwave oven mixed with water to use for my hair. If not, please suggest alternate solution.

  65. Brittany Lawrence says:

    Hello chris. I see that all the comments are 2 years or older but im hoping to get a responce. I have always had thin hair. It runs in my family but about 2 years ago i started to get dry, itchy ,flaky scalp i also was picking at it not realizing the damage i was doing to my hair and scalp. And my hair became so thin its embarrassing. I managed to get rid of the dandruff. But im stuck with thin hair. I have tried biotin and hair eternity but im to impatient for false hope. Anyways Do as for my question can you continue this for more than 15 days? If so how often through the week after the 1st 15 days should I treat my hair? What is a good shampoo and conditioner to use to go along with this treatment?.

    • Hi Brittany, don’t worry, it still works. Anyway, yes, you can use this for more than 15 days, always, once a day, Free and Clear is my number one shampoo 🙂

  66. Mr
    Chris thanks a lot for your precious information.
    I’ve a question, that, can I mix peppermint oil with coconut oil for use??

  67. Does this work for the man who are suffering from male pattern baldness also?

  68. I have a question or two can you mix peppermint oil and tea tree oil together in water and use it as a spritzer will you still need to wash your hair after every use ? How many drops of tea tree and peppermint oil should I put inside the 12oz. bottle I’m trying to get my hair to grow !

    • It won’t dissolve, you need a carrier oil to achieve this, you need to use the recipe in this post, it will get your hair to grow rapidly as well.

  69. Hi Chris I am lactating mother, can I also use peppermint rosemary essential oil ?

  70. But m loosing my lots of hairs after delivery ☹️. How can I stop this plz tell me m so worried.

    • Sorry Nia, this is so sad, but this critical moment is very stressful to your body and if you started exposing your body to different chemicals and compounds, it could hurt your infant.

  71. Neil Taylor says:

    What is considered a carrier oil ? Can you put peppermint oil in your shampoo and tea tree oil in your conditioner and use them behind each other ?

    • Olive oil and argan oil are my favorite carrier oils, and yes, they can be used this way, just don’t put a lot.

  72. L. Leggett says:

    You have mentioned that some of these oils need a carrier,can you please explain what you mean by carrier ? I’ve asked my hairstylist and she doesn’t know ! Can you please help ! Thanks !

    • A carrier oil acts as a dilution liquid, in other words, a carrier oil is a safe oil used to “carry” a powerful essential oil in small and safe ammounts to your skin and scalp. Olive oil and argan oil are the best from my experience.

  73. ANGELA BROWN says:

    My dandruff is SO BAD that my sister-in-law told me to try peppermint oil. I mix 6 ounces of almond oil with 4 or 5 drops of peppermint oil in a bottle and part my hair and put it on the scalp. I do it 2 or 3 times a week. My scalp be so itchy so I just let it stay on to help it soothe. Is anything wrong with doing it like that?

    • Hello, you need to lower the almond oil to one tablespoon, that’s all, no worries about the itchiness for now, it will go away very soon.

  74. Ricky shine says:

    In a site i heard of using only jojoba as carrier and two drops of ppo …and how often i should do it ? Because i cant wash my hair daily with shampoo…or is their other way to wash it…

  75. ANGELA BROWN says:

    My dandruff is SO BAD that my sister-in-law told me to try peppermint oil. I mix 6 ounces of almond oil with 4 or 5 drops of peppermint oil in a bottle and part my hair and put it on the scalp. I do it 2 or 3 times a week. My scalp be so itchy so I just let it stay on to help it soothe. Is anything wrong with doing it like that? Now I put peppermint oil in my shampoo and conditioner. I let the conditioner sits on there for 20 minutes.

    • The best oil to treat dandruff is tea tree oil, try to use one teaspoon olive oil with five drops, rinse after 25 min.

  76. Shital Burewar says:

    Can I use peppermint oil n coconut oil n vitamin E capsule…does this mixture promotes hair growth…I have very thin n dry hair shoulder length…I want to grow my hair…plz help me…

  77. Hello Chris,

    Great work you have here. My question is, I’m planning to use Rosemary Oil, PPO (essential), Teat tree oil (essential), Coconut oil and Jojoba oil. Do you have any ideas on how much Jojoba and Rosemary oil I should mix in?
    If we say I follow your mix with 4 tablespoons if Coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of PPO and 1 teaspoon of Tea tree oil.

    Lastly, after 20 mins of application, should I always use shampoo to rinse it out? Or water would do just fine? Because I only use shampoo every other day. Thanks in advance!

    • Water would be just fine, try to use lukewarm water, one more thing, avoid all the recipes you have written, only use the one in this post, it’s proven and safer as well.

      • Hi Chris,
        I have read so many responses that I have lost the original one where you explained the peppermint mixture for hair growth. Can you please provide the mixture as a response to this question please?

        Also, have you ever used aloe gel from the plant for hair growth?

  78. Diana Heller says:

    Hi , in the last three months am unlucky to have gotten alepecia alarta . I have been in to see the dermatologist twice and received injections in my bald patches each time. I was prescribed 7% minoxidil and Fluocinonide 0.05% topical solution, USP. I use Nioxin cleaner fine hair #4 and Nioxin scalp therapy fine hair #4 . My head has started to itch like crazy. I haven’t been able to sleep because it is driving me crazy. I read that apple cider vinegar would help. So I did this mixed with a little water all over my head. Did not rinse it out. I kept dabbing peppermint oil on my finger and every spot that itched for 10 to 15 minutes. Finally got relief and went back to bed and got some sleep. When I woke up again my head started to itch like crazy. I washed my hair. Still itched like crazy. So again I did the apple cider vinegar. And dabbed it again every spot that itched. Finally relief. I have no dandruff or bumps on my head. Why is my head itching? Am I having an allergic reaction. I did have my hair foiled three days ago to lighten my hair. I have done this for years and never had this happen. My hair dresser says she used the same stuff she always uses. My dermatologist told me it was fine to get my hair done and that it wouldn’t worsen my condition. I have 5 patches and where she did the injections I have hair that is starting to grow back. I have a couple is this an allergic reaction? Will the apple cider vinegar hurt my hair color …should I use white vinegar instead? If dabbing peppermint oil on my finger on the itchy spots is working…. What if I continue doing this? I am using it full strength. What other suggestions do you have for me? I can’t live with the itching. I will have no hair..because I will have scratched it all off. Thank you for your help. Also, what is your thoughts on Nioxin? I just bought a gallon of each #4.

  79. Hi Chris,

    I tried the recipe you posted for the first time tonight and I noticed more hair fall out then before, is this normal in the beginning of using the oils?


    • We are expected to shed about 100 hair strands a day, so don’t worry the first few days you try it, please report back very soon with any updates, I will be very glad to help you.

      • Hi Chris,

        Just updating you, I’m still continuing to have much more shedding with the oil treatment. I was doing some research and I found it’s normal to have increased shedding in the beginning of a hair loss treatment because the growth treatment is pushing out old hairs so that new stronger hairs can come in. Do you know if this is correct? Did you have this happen to you when you first tried this oil treatment?


        • For me, I was so desperate that I wasn’t paying attention to my hair loss, I just focused on growth, and yes, what you have written seems very plausible.

    • Hi Chris,

      I am using a mixture of caster oil, olive oil, almond oil and vitamin E in a 100ml bottle with around 5 drops of peppermint oil on my scalp and the whole of my hair. I use this 2 times a week and leave in overnight. The bottle normally lasts 6 weeks. Is this ok to use? I am also a lactating mother.

      Also are nut oils such as Almond or Avocardo safe to use for those with an nut allergy?

  80. What is an oil that is great for hair growth that I can leave in my hair all day? If there is one

  81. Hi Chris plz tell one remedy for daily use hair oil. My scalp is itchy and hair falling. Is there any remedy can you tell me plz which I can use on daily basis for itchy free scalp and hair grow without any side effect ??? Plz tell me the amounts I can put one 200ml bottle. I want itchy free scalp , hair grow, healthy hair, dandruff free and scalp cool. Tnx

    • You should try a combination of tea tree oil and peppermint oil, be careful and first, use the tips in this post, if you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  82. Chris, you have mentioned to use it everyday for 15 days, but you have also mentioned not to leave it in for more than 20 mins. Are you suggesting to wash hair everyday for 15 days?

    • Yes, you can either use shampoo, which I don’t like, or use warm water, which I encourage you to use the most.

  83. You’ve mentioned the oil mixture in this post as well as advised a few to use Minoxidil for better results. Which are you advising? Or are you advising specific to a situation or ailment? Thanks, Chris.

  84. Hi Chris,

    What are your thoughts on Adenogen? Do you think it would perform better than Minoxidil?

    • Hi Ken,
      I haven’t tried it, but looking at the product packaging and lack of information, especially a full list of ingredients and studies done on adenosine mechanism of action for hair growth, I would wait if I were you.

  85. Hi Chris,

    Excellent post, you are really helping a lot of people. Just quick question, can this be left in your hair for more than 20 mins? If not, then why?

    Also, does it help with the regrowth of the hair as well or only the growth of the existing hair?

    I have been using it for over a week now and can certainly say that my hair are softer, healthier and longer too.

    Thanks again for helping everyone out!

    • No, it can cause lots of stress to your scalp with time, and yes, it will help ALL hair regrowth 🙂

      • Thanks Chris, what do you mean by causing stress? Also, my scalp is really itchy now, could it be an adverse reaction to a particular oil?

        • It’s normal to have itchiness at first, but be careful not to use a lot of stuff on your scalp, stress means irritations.

  86. Thanks for the post Chris. I have few question:

    This seems like a old post.. can I use the same mixture even now?? or are there any changes?

    Can I use ‘extra virgin olive oil’? Does the heating procedure change when I use olive oil?

    Once again, thanks for your time.

    • Hi, I’ve made some updates to the post some few months ago, don’t worry, the information are still very relevant, you’ll be wasting your oil, only use cooking olive oil, and no, but please, do not use excessive heat.



  88. Sarah MacNeil says:

    Hi! I’ve always used it directly on my scalp. Maybe im just use to it but is it potentially more damaging than beneficial ?
    Thanks 🙂

  89. Hi chris
    How many drops you recommend for mixture between peppermint oil and jojoba oil?


  90. Darlene Carroll says:

    Hi Chris, I recently had a kidney transplant & one of the meds that I am on ( Prograff) has a side effect of hair thinning / loss. I have noticed this in my hair. Is it possible to just use a mixture of virgin olive oil & peppermint oil? If so, how much? And can it be left on my scalp without washing it out everytime I apply it, as I don’t wash my hair daily ( I have permed afro-amer. hair).

  91. Hi,
    If I mix, peppermint oil + jojoba oil + vegetable glycerin,
    Maybe, should you add apple cider vinegar? How much to add.

  92. I started using peppermint oil with castor oil (1:50) ratio. Amazingly no hair fall and no dandruff. As its only 1 month i need to wait and see hair growth.

  93. when making this oil, how many drops of peppermint oil do you recommend putting????? i need an idea because i’m not really good at eye balling it i’ve also been putting a couple of drops in my shampoo.

  94. Hi can i mix peppermint oi, rosemary oil and olive oil to use for my hairline which is almost bolt.

  95. i read about peppermint oil together with pumpkin seed oil for hair growth i decided to try it..I only got the peppermint oil..I apply it to my hair once a week .and i can really see the hair did grow faster then usual.Thank you Chris I will add the other remedies as well..

  96. Christopher Ried says:

    If I am making a 30ml total mixture, how much of each ingredient would I put in? I can’t seem to figure out the conversions. Thank you for writing this awesome article. All of the ingredients are getting here this week from amazon.

  97. what if I dont have any vitamin things then what should i do i only have coconut oil

  98. Thank you for posting this! I found your site in one of my many searches for scalp pain and hair loss. I was beginning to think I was crazy. One jerk of a dermatologist even told me it was in my head and there was no such thing as an allergic reaction to hair products. I’m definitely going to try this method. Thank you! Thank you!

  99. Mr.Wilson Fair says:

    An African-American friend burned her hair while having someone apply a chemical relaxer to her hair too long which aftermath burned her scalp along her hair line what she do ? She’s a nervous deck ! Any insight is greatly appreciated !

    • Hello, first, she needs to relax and avoid doing anything stupid to her scalp, second, she needs to avoid heat and chemical treatments, like relaxers and conditioners, for at least three weeks, third, let mother nature do its job, which means the most difficult part, waiting. Yes, it takes at least three weeks to heal a burned scalp, but this depends on the burn degree, if it’s bad, it can even take much more.

  100. Hi Chris,
    Second Post, not sure if first one got through. Thank you for your website, you’ve saved my scalp literally. I just completed the vinegar/water wash treatment followed by olive oil; it has worked like a charm…no more itchiness or big chunks of white flakes coming off my scalp. However, I have noticed some hair thinning, not because of the vinegar/water treatment, just due to years of me combating this problem in my head and not knowing how to safely rid my poor head of it, not understanding the importance of having oil (good oil) in my scalp. So, I’m ready to try the peppermint oil treatment. Do I wash my hair with shampoo before starting the peppermint oil treatment? Do I shampoo after each treatment or do I only rinse with warm water the way I did with the vinegar/water treatment? How often do I use the treatment? Once I see results, should I continue with the peppermint oil? If so, how often? Many Many Thanks!!!

  101. Chris can I substitute coconut oil with olive oil? Also will this mixture also keep itchy scalp at bay like the vinegar/water recipe?

    Many Thanks

  102. dont heat coconut oil says:

    DO NOT heat up coconut oil It will melt even when touching the skin. If you heat it up, it will destroy some of the active nutrients in it. Just apply it directly. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature but will instantly melt on human skin in 1 to 2 seconds since the skin is warmer than room temperature.

  103. Hi Chris,

    I’m a little bit confused here.. you recommend to use this mixture every day for 15 days but then, in another reply you casually mention that this mixture is too strong so best to apply it every other day. Before I’ve noticed this, I applied it every day and to my dismay, I have a big hair loss. Also my hair is super oily because the shampoo I use afterwards is not able to wash the oil out.
    I will give it a rest for a few days, but apart from the hair loss I feel the mixture is helping. I’ve got big dandruffy flakes coming off my scalp.

  104. Earlier in the comments you mentioned you could use an organic shampoo with the peppermint oil. Can you just add, say 4-6 drops into a bottle?

  105. Hi;
    Is it important to know what is causing the hair loss? My hair has been getting thinner around 10 yrs now. I want to try olive oil and peppermint oil. Can steroid back injection cause hair loss. The last two times I shampoo my hair when it was dry if I ran my finger through my hair a lot of hair came. Will it work the same for woman as it does for men? Thanks, Fern

  106. HI Chris;
    I use the olive oil with peppermint and message it in to scalp left it on for 20 min was it out used conditioner and the hair has a mess could not get a comb through it. I rewashed it and conditioner using my normal products and to get my hair comb out I ended up pulling a lot of hair out. Is it the olive oil causing this problem?? Thanks Fern

  107. From stress related hair loss, my hair has thinned drastically over the past months. With the mixture you posted, is it possible to eliminate the tea tree oil or is it vital? Also, will using cause more hair loss initially? Use the listed mixture everyday for 15 days? Is there a rest before before using again?
    “One teaspoon of vitamin E, you can buy vitamin E oil from Amazon, it’s not expensive at all, four tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil, one teaspoon of castor oil, half a teaspoon of peppermint oil and one teaspoon of tea tree oil.“

    Thank you!

  108. Brenda Lauze says:

    Hi Chris. I started loosing my hair during menopause. Its very thin in the front. Im light colored in the hair as well, so my scalp shows. I”ve been applying the peppermint essential oil, mixed with coconut for about 2 mos. I mixed it in a little spray bottle, and keep it in my med. cabinet. Should I refrigerate it? I haven’t seen much of a change in hair growth. I apply every morning for 30 min. before my shower, and wash my hair with Pantene coconut shampoo. Am I doing it all wrong?

    • Hello, just put it in the fridge when you are done, Pantene isn’t a very good shampoo, although I have used it most of my life, try to use Paul Mitchell if possible, tea tree oil.

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