Excessive scalp sweating – main causes

Today, I’m going to talk about excessive scalp sweating, and most importantly why you are suffering from this issue. I will also share with you the recommendations you need to follow in order to relieve this problem and get rid of it.

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  • Why do we suffer from excessive scalp sweating?

Of course, it can be very difficult to answer this question precisely, but I’m going to try anyway and I really hope that I can be of help to you.

Hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating, is caused by either a primary focal hyperhidrosis, meaning that your body is genetically going to produce excessive sweat, and in this situation, it’s not very dangerous for your health and all it can do is embarrass you a little, but unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it.

The second is secondary generalized hyperhidrosis, and it is usually caused by a medical condition and in most cases, interaction with certain chemicals or prescriptions you are currently taking.

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Because we are dealing with excessive scalp sweating, I don’t want to recommend using laser treatments or cutting nerve endings to get rid of this problem, which is the usual procedure when someone suffers from excessive sweating in other areas of the body! What I’m going to recommend to you is the following treatments:

The first one is aluminum chloride which helps stop excessive sweating and perspiration; it’s also very efficient at reducing scalp sweating as well.

Unfortunately, aluminum chloride is not well studied and there aren’t many articles and information on how to use it efficiently for stopping perspiration without causing side effects.

You can try it anyway and see for yourself, but personally, I wouldn’t use it.

The second and most important thing you can do is antiperspirant creams, which in my opinion are the best when it comes to excessive scalp sweating.

I know that the idea of applying antiperspirant creams to your scalp is going to sound strange, but people have been doing this for a very long time with gels, so, just add some few drops on the tip of your fingers and massage your scalp very gently, this will also reduce your excessive sweating almost immediately.

Please, if you have a question concerning excessive scalp sweating, don’t hesitate to ask me in the section below, I will be very happy to answer you.


  1. Sue Ferguson says:

    Hi ran across this looking for help. I am in a severe stress crisis. I started losing my hair because of it and was very self conscious. Now my long hair is all different lengths and very thin. I also sweat buckets. After my shower. I start to sweat it runs down my face my back, neck and when my hair is trying to dry it gets soaking wet with sweat. I have to put kleenex under my bra. My face and neck turn beat red. The more I stress about it the more I sweat. Now I have scabs on my head mainly in the part at the back and beneath that. I scratch them they drive me crazy. I usually try to pick them off then they bleed. Using argan oil shampoo and conditioner for hair loss and thinning. Take biotin to. I have a lots of health problems. Celiac disease, fibromyalgia, thyroid disease. Severe DJD and bulging disc with chronic sciatia both legs. Arthritis, bursitis and more. I am in constant pain. What do you recommend so I can get my hair to grow, stop falling out and get rid of these horrible sores on my head. Please help! I also sweat any time I get nervous and hair gets soaking wet. So very embarasing. I dont go out in public unless I have to.

    • Try a Zinc picolinate supplement and a Zinc shampoo.

    • You need to read a book called ‘healing back pain,’ by Dr. Sarno. It’s about way more than back pain, is a quick read, and could help with the bulk of your issues. It helped me immensely. Good luck!

  2. Tonya Thomas says:

    I am very stressed out from work since February and since then I’ve had an extremely bad nervous condition. My lymph nodes came out on the sides of my neck and I dug my head raw that’s it’s bleeding and the pus is draining horribly. I washed my hair and toweled dried it and a half an hour later I needed to wash my hair again. Please help!

  3. Hello Chris :))

    I’m so happy to have found your wonderful and interesting site! Thank you!! I am writing about my present hair condition and probably need to tell you a lot to get an accurate suggestion. But for now I will mostly stick to my symptoms as I’m not seeing my problem in your archives.

    I am about to turn 60 and for the last almost ten years my gorgeous auburn hair (which I have been dying to keep it that way every month for 20 years now) has been growing in so weirdly!!!
    I have this bizarre combo of strands of some normal, very course gray, black or deep red, but mostly gray, wirey gray growing in weird directions, or super thin, fly away strands that can be pin strsight or curly!!! So many strands are also just straight and lifeless, going colorless to gray and just not laying down normally. It looks so terrible to me that I feel my only recourse is to pluck them out creating baldness!!!

    I have never been sick or hospitialzed, feel and appear healthy, suffered a horrible menopause but took no hormone replacement, never see doctors except for a pyschiatrist, for a severe stress induced depressive breakdown that lasted a year in 2010. So I do take a couple of meds and I have np answering any questions you might have publically. One other important comment, lots of scalp itchiness but I think thats got a lot to do with the meds, but it’s not that simple of an answer so I would have to explain further if necessary.

    From all I have read here, I thought maybe tea tree, peppermint, and olive oil. Or tt, pep, and coconut oil. You say coconut ‘creme.’ Is that the same as all of the many jars of coconut oil out there?

    Well ok. Thanks for reading and I look forward to your reply!


    • Hi Pamela
      Glad you like the website, thank you.
      And yes, coconut cream or oil, they’re great.
      Medications are probably causing your itchiness, so you have to use a little tea tree oil to get rid of it, not a big deal, however, for your hair, I can’t seem to understand your problem, can you please tell me more about your hair, what’s troubling you: is it not growing fast? Is it falling? Losing color fast? I’m not sure about it.

  4. Eat a little bit of EVERYthing, not too much of ANYthing, drink more than you want, get plenty of sleep and exercise, and enough peaches and prunes to keep yourself regular. Abstain from tobacco, weed, and alcohol, get more exercise, more sleep, get up early, limit your caffeine and sweets, get more exercise, don’t wipe your butt and pick your nose with the same hand, get rid of that filthy beard and mustache, get a job, get more exercise, eat more prunes, drink more water, avoid germs but don’t worry about them, a little bit of anything probably won’t hurt you, cut the fat off your pork chops (and give it to me!) limited ice cream, ignore fads, wear strong comfortable shoes, get a dog and let it exercise you, adopt a cat (just put some food out) hold it, pet it, play with the laser and let it calm you, love lots, spend less than your income, and eat more fruit and vegetables (without sugar or syrup). Be passionate, but not foolish. Be wise. Seek out God. And eat some peaches to keep you regular. If you must take a prescription, take it. But take a trip in a canoe or sailboat too.
    Advice from an old doctor who died anyway, as we all must do at our appointed time. Enjoy!

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