Best hair oil for oily scalp

Believe it or not, using specific types of essential oils can be extremely beneficial for your oily scalp; you are going to learn about the best ones to use for maintaining and helping your oily scalp get healthy and suitable for growing strong and healthy hair.

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First of all, you must understand that not every hair oil is appropriate for oily scalp, as you may have guessed, the majority of hair oils are going to make your scalp extremely oily and greasy looking, that is why you should not use any oil that you do not know a lot about and especially hair oils that have not been tested, reviewed and approved by different users.

Let’s start with the first amazing hair oil for your oily scalp, rosemary oil.

I’m a great believer in rosemary oil, I use it every week and I know from fact that it is one of the best oils one can use for scalp’s health, it is not just because it smells great, it is because it has a lot of healing properties.

One of the best things about using a rosemary oil every day is that it is going to get rid of funguses on your scalp, and trust me, most scalp problems, including oily scalp, are due to having high numbers of bad funguses living and spreading in it!

When you start applying rosemary oil, you are simply going to get rid of these funguses and microbes that are causing you all these troubles.

How should you use rosemary oil for your oily scalp?

The secret in using rosemary oil is always use it with a base oil, it is because it is extremely powerful and may irritate your scalp a little, that is why I prefer to mix it a little with jojoba oil, which is also a very amazing hair oil for your oily scalp.

Jojoba oil is not only going to help rosemary  oil spread all over your scalp evenly, and help it heal and get your scalp into it is best shape and health, but it will also improve your hair follicles’ health and create a protective layer around them which is going to defend them against damaging toxins and pollutants in the environment.

Jojoba oil is also very nutritious for your hair, it is going to give it a very attractive shine and extremely beautiful look.

So, how much rosemary oil do you need?

You will need a quarter of a teaspoon mixed with two teaspoons of jojoba oil, it is very important to use this ratio as it is going to protect your scalp from rosemary  oil side effects and also help spread it evenly.

After applying the oil, you need to massage your scalp gently for at least ten minutes, this will not only help spread the oil throughout your scalp, it is also going to relax it and help it heal faster, and if you have a partner or someone who can help you, then massaging your scalp by another person is not only very healthy for it, but it is also very enjoyable and relaxing to you as well.

Now, let’s talk about the second best hair oil for your greasy scalp, lavender oil.

I discovered lavender oil when I was suffering from extreme itchy scalp, which was accompanied with hair loss.

When I started using lavender oil, I noticed a huge improvement in my hair strength and my scalp’s health.

For example, my scalp was extremely itchy and sensitive before using lavender oil, but after starting to use half a teaspoon a day, it started feeling good again and healing.

Lavender oil is a little stronger than rosemary oil in my opinion, but it is also very healthy and extremely beneficial, and you need to use the same technique, mixing lavender oil with jojoba oil to get the best hair oil to get rid of your greasy scalp.

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However, the lavender oil ratio should be a little more higher, for example instead of using a quarter of a teaspoon, you should use half a teaspoon, but be careful, some people may experience allergic reactions to high amounts of this oil, that is why you need to start with smaller amounts and see whether your scalp is reacting positively to it or not.


  1. How to make rice bran oil non-sticy without mixing of minersl oil please help me

    • Hi, thanks for your comment, the truth is that I’ve not used this oil in the past, but I know that mixing some few drops of refined jojoba oil is going to liquify natural oils a little, but I’m not sure whether this is going to work or not.

    • You can probably mix some alcohol, it will dilute it and make it less sticky

      • Hi, I don’t think that this is a good idea because he doesn’t want synthetic or harmful materials. Anyway thank you for your comment.

  2. indeed, when I first read the title, I was a little confused because how can oils help with an oily scalp, but you’ve convinced me.

  3. I really appreciate these advice, I’m going to start using Rosemary oil and I hope it will work.

    • Careful! Don’t use high amounts of Rosemary oil on your scalp, it may damage it, you need to dilute it in jojoba oil or olive oil.

      • Hi , can we use coconut oil instead of jojoba oil? And can we add lavender oil, rosemary oil, coconut oil? What will be d quantity(amount of oil drops)?

        • Well, I think jojoba is better, but if you can’t, then just stick to using coconut oil, and no, use the recipe in this post.

  4. Yes, is strange that you recommend using an oil for getting rid of an oily scalp, but the strangest thing is that it works. Again, thanks Chris.

    • Although it is very strange, natural oils are going to help you get rid of your oily scalp very quickly, good luck.

  5. Nidhi Mishra says:

    Mr. Chris …..can you tell me whether the mixture of Rosemary oil and Olive oil be effective for highly oily scalp ??? Or it always has to be Jojoba oil to mix Rosemary oil ???
    Will it be helpful in removing dandruff also ????

    • I have regards and some doubts about olive oil, but it should be fine, but you need to test it before and see what the results would be. As far as dandruff, yes, rosemary oil is very good for getting rid of them. good luck.

  6. Thanks Mr Chris for your advice for the oily hair. One question is for how long to leave the oil on scalp?

    • It depends, if you scalp absorbs it very quickly, then just half an hour is more than enough, if no, leave it for an hour, more would be better.

  7. Hey i have an extremely oily scalp….it gets oily in like a day after i wash it….and i am extremely confused between rosemary and lavender so can you please give me only one option which will work best in my case.

    • Hello Pooja, I’m sorry for the delay, I was very busy with my work. As you may already guess, this website is just a hobby, but I’m trying to help people as much as possible with the limited time I have.
      Both are fantastic, but I guess your problem isn’t related to which oil to use, it is probably related to your diet. You are definitely consuming huge amounts of fats, I may be wrong, but usually, this is the case, when you have an extremely oily scalp, it is usually related to your diet.
      If I were to choose one oil, it would be Rosemary, but do not use a lot, just two or three drops a day.

  8. hey! i have knee length hair and an extremely oily scalp! my scalp gets oily on the second day of wash….i will try lavender oil but can you tell me how often should it be used….also can you give me a few more tips to avoid oily scalp!

    • Hello, in your case, you can rinse your scalp using vinegar, white one or apple cider, as far as the frequency, once a day is more than enough if you have a very oily scalp, but if your scalp is just a little oily, twice or three times a week is more than enough.

  9. Hello there, sweet article. I like to give feedback because I like to receive feedback. These are two great essential oils for oily scalp and jojoba is certainly one of the greatest carrier oils.
    According to some of the comments you have made in this article I understand you must not be using real pure therapeutic, therefore ingestible nutritional supplements, essential oils because with 100% natural essential oils there are no “side effects” and lavender is surely not stronger than Rosemary. Rosemary is not only strong but its potent and even minty! Essential oils that you buy in a health food store are not truly pure just because they say “100%” pure. Theres no regulation so far for essential oils so sellers can put whatever they want on the oil bottlesbut the FDA’s look into a company called Young Living to get regulation from them because their oils are truly hundred percent natural they have nothing else in them but the actual oil so they are actually nutritional supplements and they’re been being used to cure diseases and cancer in fact I don’t even get sick not even colds and I don’t do flu shots they’re amazing. Check them out

  10. Hi Chris,
    I have a problem last few years hair damaged and oily hair its really irritate me. My friend suggest me use the coaster oil, almond oil and sesame oil this is right suggest or should i use your suggest?

    • These oils are good, but you need to be careful when using sesame oil, it’s very powerful, lower the amount as much as possible.

  11. Hi Chris,

    Thanks alot for all the details above. Also it would be really helpful if you help me out : I have a oily scalp which gaons oil and greasiness after the next day I wash however my hairs are dry, thin and dead (no bounce) in nature. I have been using olive oil but I use it once a week to prevent too much oiliness. I have a balanced diet, no dandruff, no flaking or such concerns. Just oily facial skin.
    Can you please suggest me with the right kind and combination of oil for such messed up hairs.

    • A combination of olive oil, half a tablespoon, and tea tree oil, two drops, is very beneficial, use this amount for at least two weeks, once every day.

  12. Is it ok to lave the hair oil overnight and wash it out with a shampoo the next morning.

  13. Does jojoba oil by itself work? At first it sounds weird that oil would help an oily scalp but now that I think of it, my scalp/hair is usually very dried out after showering but the next day my hair is super oily…I guess it’s just over compinsating for the oils it needs to be healthy

  14. hi there , i read your article and i am glad it really helpful , but let me tell you about myself : i am 22 year old boy and i fell my scalp is oily and yes i m loosing hair . i started using olive oil and i use it twice a week . for shampoo i use which got (aqua, surfactant base,sunflower oil, vit E , diazolidinyl urea , and IPBC )
    don’t know what all that .
    if you cold suggest me with any type of oil or shampoo for har loss on oily scalp

    • Hi, for your oily scalp, try to use this shampoo: , it’s one of the best brands you can use, for your hair loss issue, could you please elaborate more on it, I need more information to be able to help you more.

      • HI,
        Can you please help me with your valuable tips
        I am suffering from hair loss from many years and i have tried applying all kinds of lotions and shampoo on scalp to stop or control but i am failing everytime.
        from 6 months i am washing my hair everyday with mild patanjali shampoo but the next day i could see the oil on my scalp.
        Can you please suggest me how to cure the oily scalp, strenghen the hair roots, hair growth.

        Thank you

  15. Hi,ive heard about Lemon essential oil that’s good for oily hair.
    I bought it and now dont know what to do with it lol id just like to know how many drops i can mix in with a carrier oil?

    • I have never tried it, sorry, but you can still mix one drop with one tablespoon of olive oil and try for yourself.

  16. magdalene loh says:

    Hello!! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your insights and formula for oily scalp! May I know when should we apply the rosemary + jojoba oil mix? Before showering or after showering? 🙂 Thank you and hope to get a reply from you!

  17. I’d recommend Pro Naturals Argan Oil! 🙂

  18. i was searching for long time and i really think you were helpful so thankyou for that but my problem is that i have thin weak hair and i aslo sturggling with hair loss so i’m little bit afraid that it could make it worse

  19. Hi Chris , I read your article and wanted to ask you if I can put a drop of vitamin e oil and a drop of peppermint oil in this mixture of jojoba and rosemary oil since I have oily scalp and frizzy hair after I wash it do you think vitamin e oil would be helpful in this recipe , thanks

  20. My hair is so oily and my ends are dry. If I use the oils in my hair will it clear up my scalp for good. It’s making me so depressed and I’m finding it hard to cope at the minute. Can you help me crisis please

  21. Mohamoud says:

    My hair is falling and I think the reason is the weather as I moved to US recently from Africa where the Temperature is about 30C. Therefore I have dandruff and falling hair, so which oil do you recommend for me to get rid off the dandruff and hair fall. Thanks

    • What about the water? It’s of extreme importance when it comes to dandruff, try to wash your hair with bottled water for two weeks and see what happens.

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